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Loved it!

That cheeky bastard doesn’t even care anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahaha. That is great.

Made me laugh.

I wonder how this is possible. Wouldn’t the shutter speed have to change with the rotor speed. I mean the camera must be set to a specific shutter speed that matches the speed of the rotors but shouldn’t that mean that when the pilot is increasing the pull at 0:25 the camera and rotors would go out of sync? Please physic guys teach me the magic behind this!

Anders… if your rotor speed is changing you have a problem with your helicopter…

I don’t understand helicopters then… How does a helicopter then lift more or less if it is not changing the speed on the rotors?

By changing the angle of his blades and therefore increasing his lift
Steeper angle = more Lift

And there’s me thinking Ocelots didn’t like getting wet.


Edit: Now all we need is a mod that replaces Quiet with Kojima from Ground Zeroes.

Oh you didn’t go the ocelot romance route?

I always go the Ocelot Romance route.

It’s very flaggy, you have to get everything perfect to get his H Scene

I didn’t play this, nor do I understand why it’s funny so all I see is ‘gay’ :smiley:


Ocelot u naughty girl

Whoever keeps making these is awesome.

[justify]Yeah, been watching all of those on YT as well. Just awesome!![/justify]

I stick to the original.

Breathes heavily through his skin