Life and Cooking with CNTO

Post your food pics here. Extra points for sauce.

also post recipes and things you cooked

I’ll just carry on keeping this thread alive! Eventually you guys will give in…

Homemade crispy potato fries with mayo. Next to a vegetarian burger made of carrot, zucchini, spring onion, gluten free flour and egg (and some herbs). The sauce with these ‘burgers’ is a loose version of tzatziki with only cucumber, yoghurt and mint :slight_smile:

pulled chicken sandwich on a spelt bread (im not a hipster, i just can’t eat wheat flour). A bit of rucola and coleslaw. I also can’t have bbq sauce so I made my own by mixing a bit of mayo with smoked paprika powder and some herbs and spices.

I’ll add to it too.

This friday I had some friends over so I made some thai food because thai food is great.

We started with a simple Tom Yum soup with shrimp, mushroom, tomatoes and coriander.

[spoiler=Tom Yum][/spoiler]

After that I had made a Panang curry with basmati rice for the guys who liked it hot and a simple Wok dish for the losers.

The panang was made with turkey even though I normally make it with beef. You can use whatever meat you fancy though. There’s a ton of recipies online and all are great - all I’d suggest is that you use the thickest of the thick coconut creams you can find.


A wok dish is in my opinion some of the best and simplest food you can make. Choose the vegetables you like and add the meat you prefer. Then just some soya and fish sauce. Maybe some lime. It takes not even 15 min to make and it’s great.

Breakfast of champions: oatmeal, protein powder, cocoa powder, goji berries, banana & peanut butter. 720kcal

I made a lemon cake!
Its not as pretty as it should have been but it was so delicious!

And now Tea with a cookie!
(I put the bag in first)

Hamburger (mixed minced meat with smoked paprika, allspice, salt pepper, mustard and some ketchup) and then some spring onions, ceddar, bacon and sauce on top. Served with potato croquetes and some farmer salad. This is one of my favorite dishes to make.

Today’s menu: Some tortillachips with left over tomatosauce, some minced meat, courgette, paprika and some mozzarella on top. Not the healthiest but it has some veggies on top right.

I made some cheesecake.
It’s not pretty but at least it looks like it’s maker.


  1. mix the ingredients of the cheesecake
  2. do the rest of the cheesecake
  3. stuff your face with the cheesecake

Looks like a great cheesecake! Thanks for sharing. Thanks for the recipe too, really inspired me.

This is Ugnspannkaka! a very ugly one, but it makes up for it tastewise.

You need:

3 dl of flour
0.5 teaspoons of salt
6 dl of milk
3 eggs

When all of this is mixed together, put whatever you want in it! (bacon, pork, onions, tomatoes, insurgents etc)

Then put it in oven at 225 C and let it rest there for 20-25 min until its golden brown.

Hello and welcome to cooking with Smehlik. I made omelete… something… NOT RLY… But wait… it has everything tasty, its greasy, it tastes… well good

First u put butter in pan… then put ham on it and on it 2 eggs… so it looks like this, also while doing, make selfies like right InstaHoe

base ham must be crispy… once the eggs are bit cooked u start to throw in cheese… then u cover it with more ham to let it cook inside… once the eggs are cooked so they dont spill u can turn it over in half to give it the omelete look

Bit of surf and turf from the BBQ last night!

Nothing particularly impressive, but I rarely cook since the student restaurant is really close and really cheap.

Omelette with sausages, cooked ham, mushrooms, cheese, onions and olives. Won’t add olives next time, they didn’t go too well with the rest :slight_smile:

A noodle soup.

A classic from the era of college, this meal forms the fundamental diet of every student on a budget during an exam period. The recipe goes mostly like:

  1. put noodles in a bowl
  2. add the enclosed oily substance and powdery substance
  3. add whatever your roommate claims is the "good stuff"
  4. consume

It was fun and a bit nostalgic to bring back those memories.

10/10 would recommend.

Lemon cupcakes!
(they look pale in the picture but they are really nice golden brown! :frowning:

The Food of Champions!!!

A lot of protein, minerals, low carbs and good amount of fibers

This is what i eat on a daily basis. Perfect to keep me up and ready for workouts, give me enough energy and protein and all the good fibers my bode also needs to stay healthy. Eat some fruits between meals and drink at least 2 liters of water a day. I do it for 3 months now and i can definitely see and feel a difference.

How it is done in 20 minutes

And here is one for the day you don’t give a **** about healthy, low carbs, no sugar ******* and you just want to enjoy some nice lovely waffles (Switzerland - not the Belgium waffles)…

Thank you grandma (for the recipe)

Damn [user avatar=“” name=“Dulabu”]11583892[/user] . Your meal is so healthy I feel like im turning into a broccoli by just looking at it. Thats the amount of green I get in my body over a week. The second picture is more like it :stuck_out_tongue: