HDP - Hrvat Drinking Party (16.07-23.07)

So this new game is on the horizon!
Me, Eistee and Dulabu preordered it already, strongly recommend others do the same!

Beta tests are 16.07-23.07 and are only available in Zagreb, Ryujin litteraly has the keys.

Here’s some leaked gameplay:


Rated M for Mother of god.

I am jealous… but you guys keep the bar high… (oh any 2nd or 3rd level jokes intended)

Can’t find Ryujin in the video …where is the foreign guy? :wink:

Under the table ofc

Je ne comprendre pas

Needles to say, everyone is invited, I have enough floor to fit everyone who wants to come.

Damn, I will require more time, airport is jammed and my private jet needs refueling. Plus, I promised my pilot one week off. Might not make it :cry:

Where is the party in Croatia Ruyijn and when,i can easily come to a drink maybe with chypsa?

You can swing by any time. Contact me through PM

You know, I read this article about Croatian drinking… :slight_smile:

But do you have the sources? :wink:

This sums it up nicely:


This is how I imagine it:


Mmmm, yea, except it was less BMP and more GDP talk…but still, you know…it’s all relative :slight_smile:

Where are the pics [user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/1171274/avatar/small.1413819128.jpeg” name=“Abuk”]1171274[/user] , [user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/11583892/avatar/small.1424865441.jpeg” name=“Dulabu”]11583892[/user] ?

There won’t be any pics posted on the forums…

Why??? Very simple, not everybody want’s to see his beautiful face on CNTO and kill the good Image of this splendid Community :wink:

On request, i can give you guys (attenders of this awesome event) maybe a link to some pictures!

yea you are right our faces are too beautiful :smiley: nvm i ll ask chypsa he has some…

Ask me like you mean it… :stuck_out_tongue:

How’s this for a simple solution? :slight_smile:

Ok ok… You asked for it:

Karts DLC:

Marksmen DLC:

From left (random): Dulabu, Senpai, John, Abuk, Eistee

Edit: Almost forgot about APEX:

From right (random): Abuk, John, Senpai, Hrc (non-yet-cnto-member), Eistee