Coop - The Owlympics

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Churizo - Prone/Crouch/Stand Champ 2k17

The only true victory.

Had a hell of a great time tonight. Great variety, and plenty of excellent banter. It’s was, and will continue to be an honour to play with all of you fine ladies and gents.

I liked the mission though we sucked. It was meant to be fun so we didn’t let our competitive side out too much. We even let [user avatar=“” name=“Anders”]4259784[/user] win a few rounds. :smiley:

Shame about the server, are we sure it’s the server, not the provider or something? This mission shouldn’t have been tough on resources from what I’ve seen inside.

Teddy admitted he overloaded it.

Constant Zeus crashes were a bit annoying, but I guess that’s ArmA right now.

Overall, a wonderful and extremely fun event. Very glad to have been the best at Nugget Box, having never lost a single team member with [user avatar=“” name=“Racoon”]3891983[/user] and [user avatar=“” name=“zcribe”]16558368[/user] Thanks so much guys for the wonderful work put into this. And [user avatar=“” name=“Dachi”]12591864[/user] Hope your wife didn’t give you too much talk.

choosing our champion (Churizo) : Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Alex’s sweet little ass sticking out of his flipped tank.

Bonus : On period as well

Had a blast playing the friday. It was a ton of fun and I was very happy that Highway and Price let me win a bit for once.

A huge thanks to the guys behind the scenes for making such a lovely event for our anniversary.

And here is Shiny carrying the headless client around:

Hello All,

Just want to say thanks to [user avatar=“” name=“Lastmikoi”]17128302[/user] for coming up with the concept and pushing it for the anniversary event, [user avatar=“” name=“Teddy”]9240990[/user] and [user avatar=“” name=“Shiny”]3602631[/user] for being Marshall’s for the event so others could have some fun.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and made the event great!!! Really sad that I had to leave and not see people play through all the trials, especially the Thunder Dome which was a labour of love.

Hope you all enjoyed,

p.s. Younger guys/gals out there don’t ever marry a non gamer :wink:

Any videos???

We should have more events where we split in groups and fight each other for some objective. But with kind of fixed sides so that we develop internal rivalry which could push us to be better. For example it was obvious we suck with mortars though we really have learnt something from it.

Something like continuous campaign between three fractions in the ongoing civil war (or something). AI could be introduced to fill in the gaps and make it better.

Amazing event!! This was also quite a good way to learn some basic skills.

Loved the intense shittalking in Alpha, had some great laughs!

Awesome images! Sucks I missed it :frowning:

Don’t you dare blame us. You drove into me while I earlier avoided to hit you on several brakes - Bravo Red to Green.
(Note left mirror right before collision)


Jash and the blinker’s revenge.


This event was a cool way to quickly get new different hands on new stuff. AKA skill-station with a competitive element for entertainment. You don’t need to set a full day to go through a mortar. I could easily go through it in a manner of minutes about game-mechanical familiarization and knowledge which isn’t disagreeable or where you need standards in tactics.
Not that you need to be good at using stuff you don’t use in games though.

What I see is you crossing into my lane without checking the mirrors and looking over your shoulder. So it can only be your fault @Delta :wink:

Also, I loved the driving part of the competition. Would love to do it again, but with something that doesn’t blow up that easily. Too many bad drivers on the road these days…

I was in the smallest group, so my experience was a little weird, and the explanation of some of the events were a little confusing, leading to some issues… I had several lag spikes, poor framreate poor view distance, desycronization from the server and my mouse was drifting to the left for some reason, leaving me a really useless player. Also arma was arma and we blew up for rubbing against another boat and I glitched off a ledge at some point. I had to leave at that point and abandon my teammate, sorry i had to go. Needed to pick someone up.

Some notes about the relay… it was kind of disjointed… i didn’t like that you had to get out and get the glowstick, and drop some banadages because you had no room, and fuck about in the inventory. and then get back in the hummer. I’d prefer something of a trathalon… you bike down hill, then humvee race around the island, then get in a boat for the finale or something. No faffing about with glowsticks.

Ahh I like that little detail of having to little space in the inventory. That’s the consequence of not thinking ahead in time. Being mentally prepared for the next task at hand and likely eliminate problems before you stand out in them, is one of the disciplines for a soldier. I’m not attacking. I just think it’s a neat unexpected twist.

Price our group won 4 out of 6 events. I think the explanation was quite good according to that haha :stuck_out_tongue:
To bad you had to leave early.
Thanks for the great event everyone ! Looking forwards to next years event already :smiley: