COOP: Rooted in the forest

Hello soldiers!

Here is the intel for Operation: Rooted in the forest. Based on our intelligence, we have three main areas of interest in the region which are marked here below on the map, with an optional objective sent to us by our allies regarding a lost recon unit:

There are 3 main objectives in the region.
Firstly, there is the old castle in a central city of the region, which is a strong defensive position, and will be useful to our allies as a FOB for the other side of the river.
Then there is a military base to the north-east, which was used by our allies to store some munitions and also as vehicle maintenance/engineering base.
Lastly, there is the old airfield, which we want to prevent our hostiles from using.
There is also the optional objective, where our allies reported that one of their recon units has gone missing.

The Castle and surrounding city can be seen below. It is a city surrounded by wooded hills, with a dirt airstrip to the southeast, originally used by farmers. This also gives the are additional strategic importance, as we can land light aircraft there as well. There are only two crossings over the river. Capturing this will allow our allies to launch additional missions from a forward position, while freeing up space at the Airbase to the south-east.

The military base to the north-east can be seen below. It is a small, but dense base, which has multiple garages for working on vehicles and a few helicopter landing areas for transport and CAS, if supplied for it. The area here is a bit more flat and open, but there are forests to the North and South. The base has suffered some minor damage during the war, but is mostly intact.

Below you can see the old airfield. While not allowing heavy aircraft, it is still useful for lighter aircraft and some fighters and helicopters. We do not suspect our enemies to have a strong amount of aircraft here, but we want to take it away from them in any case, so they could not use it to launch attacks against us. As it is an old airfield, damage to this base is allowed.

Lastly, we can see the optional objective area, which is the area of last contact with the allied recon unit. We are not sure what happened to them, as they were on their back to the FOB per last contact.

Our allies have also provided with their recon intelligence. As we have been busy with rearming our first operation unit and bringing in more assets to the FOB, we have been unable to do our own recon. Due to this, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of our ally’s intel.
Per their latest intelligence, they have reported enemy activity in the town. After Operation Forest Watch, many hostiles fled across the river to the north, passing through the city. Our allies reported activity around the town itself, but also movement heading both north-east and north-west out of the town.

Unfortunately our allies have not managed to head too far into enemy territory with their recon missions, but based on the limited intel we have been given, they have reported hostile activity around the central roads of the region, marked in red grids on the map. They also reported hostiles moving in from the west, most likely to regroup, with their comrades in the castle area.

Godspeed, soldiers!

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