Coop - Day of Days

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As a GM I have to write few notes:

  1. ASR AI control over vehicles is a disaster waiting to happen. It likes to send them to death, straight towards the players, no matter what GM wants.
  2. Players were very good, it’s was a slaughter for AI. The only bad thing - people don’t watch their sectors and I was able to sneak up 1m from them until [user avatar=“” name=“Argon”]15519795[/user] literally bumped on me.

First of all thanks Highway for setting up a mission in such a short time. I didn’t really enjoy yesterday’s mission for a couple of reasons.
We spent a lot of time running away from the enemy before the server crashed, as said during the debriefing we couldn’t deal with so many armored vehicles and we had to pull back very quickly from the village of Modesta and the compound to its south; the pull back resulted in the whole platoon (or what was remaining of the platoon) being cornered on a hill with enemy forces (including a BTR) attacking from the east and possibly being exposed to the south since the city of Corazol was in sight. To me it felt like after being attacked so heavily at Modesta the movement was very chaotic.
On the other hand after the crash we moved really well (speaking for Alpha at least) into the city, even though (again) we were bunching up in a corner not sure where to move, fortunately after a few minutes we moved towards the buildings on the east. Can’t really say anything else after that because I got shot.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that planning was bad, just pointing out what in my opinion went not so well.

Anyways, thanks to the game masters!

My opinion on the mission was very nice, It felt good to be the one running away for once instead of stopping, dropping and winning every fight. The armored contact that I witnessed was very normal but certainly scary as it should be. We got punished for firing to many AT rockets and I feel like that Is a good enough reason to force us on the backfoot for the most part before the restart. It goes to show why we need GM’s in the first place to adapt to our mistakes and our plans as if to simulate an actual force.

The only sad part is the immersion was completely killed for me after the reset but was entirely out of everyone’s hand so I’ll just hoop we have no memory leak issue’s next time. Also I feel like we could have used Nightbird a little more instead of just transport troops at reinsertion times. Off course the moment we tried to do that we crashed but I feel like platoon should have requested some more at supplies and get Nightbird to fly it in to retaliate and setup a point to defend . Would make for an exiting side objective.

My fault as much as anyone since I only noticed it in the OPORD after the mission but it did say "enemy forces: mechanised infantry" which might have called for a MAT team. Then again I think we were ready for a different mission and it is easy to miss details in a new mission briefing.

Ah you should have seen the supply crate Acid had ready for you it had everything! 5.56, AT rockets, seasonally appropriate chocolate bunnies…

[quote user_id=“13688253” avatar=“” name=“Highway”]As a GM I have to write few notes:

[*] Players were very good, it’s was a slaughter for AI. The only bad thing - people don’t watch their sectors and I was able to sneak up 1m from them until [user avatar=“” name=“Argon”]15519795[/user] literally bumped on me.

Second part happened in my last mission too. We need to do trainings on sectors again or point it out to members.

[quote user_id=“3602631” avatar=“” name=“Shiny”][quote user_id=“13688253” avatar=“” name=“Highway”]As a GM I have to write few notes:

[*] Players were very good, it’s was a slaughter for AI. The only bad thing - people don’t watch their sectors and I was able to sneak up 1m from them until [user avatar=“” name=“Argon”]15519795[/user] literally bumped on me.

Second part happened in my last mission too. We need to do trainings on sectors again or point it out to members.[/quote]

I was there and the sneaking up was through trees other cover from about NE as the squad faced SE I am not sure if we were at full strength but FTLs and SL were trying to get everyone to cover 360 while at the same time cover the other squad and suppress enemy to the SE. As medic I was at the back covering the NW I suppose I was trying to cover 180 degrees :anxious: Obviously you should try and cover all sectors but in reality maintaining a 360 while having enough guys doing anything else is impossible all the time and while near cover. Thanks to [user avatar=“” name=“Argon”]15519795[/user] for saving our asses :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think that might be a downside of the "all members in one squad" being together. Squad leader should assign sectors to cover to his fireteams and then they micromanage themselves.

My point of view as Co-GM of this event:

I stitched together the two recordings that were separated by the crash.

As always, beware of behind-the-scene spoilers, GM competency debunking (we did not suck as much as you would think), and another practice of the omniscient-but-selfnerfing GM doctrine I’ve personally been using in the past three years. I can tell you than having to set up 4 radios is a pain, but it’s worth it.
We used a continuous voice link over Steam VoIP to coordinate, hence the fact that you’ll always hear Highway despite of the situation, except when we were in ACRE proximity where the call was put on hold.

No lol Teddy’s point was that we had like 6 men left in squad but we were trying to cover our sectors but also cover the other squad so was nearly impossible. Your point valid but this is what happens when FTL’s are not doing their jobs and then SL has to micro manage it is not a by product of all being in the same group.

[user avatar=“” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user] The sectors were covered to the maximum permissible extent, like [user avatar=“” name=“Teddy”]9240990[/user] said, you came from around the corner and we didn’t have that many men to keep a rear-guard and advance into the town. Our MG guy died from the first bullet from some 300+ meters away so it was down to the three men, we started advancing when a fire team attacked us from the rear, I shifted back to engage them with the 40mm GL as they were bunching up, and that’s when I bumped into you. With 3 guys each of us had to cover 120 degrees of our current position, so I think this situation was more of us being stretched out too thin while the enemy were all around us. And leaving a rearguard of 2-3 guys on the outskirts of town was out of the question since that would split Bravo in half nearly at that point.

P.S. A big shoutout to Eistee, Mars, and John who worked really, really great during the whole op, and double love for Teddy for stitching me some 301923 times during the op.

Don’t get me wrong Dachi, it wasn’t because of the sthud, but it might get them confused when they see 10 or 8 arrowhead dots on the compass and it takes a little bit more time to adapt. I hope you were divided in two colored groups.

Anyway, I think there was too much action and too many enemies. Which is finally good as I found your breaking point. The logical thing to do would be to withdraw but it wasn’t an option due to time left to complete the mission. So yes, I’ll put weaker opfor next time, lesson learned. I need to tone down the action part in favor of tactical movement.

I don’t think that less action is necessarily the answer. It’s just important to have gaps in the action, to regroup, rearm, and rest between the intense firefights.

should be at discretion of the GM, he should have a good idea when it would be funner for the player base to be attacked and when a little rest can be afforded.

Please leave feed back, stories or videos about the event here.

Sorry for the technical issues. Regarding the other stuff:

Unfortunately people jumped too late. My flying altitude was 300m but after passing the LZ there was a hill and I had to pull up. Those who jumped then were dead very soon due to low altitude. Not sure if that was my fault or not, though I did give you the green light pretty much early enough.

Loadouts were not working for (probably) using the modules version from last week. Probably.

No AI was controlled by Zeus, they were sneaky on their own. ASR AI is like that. Like I said on debrief, AI activates on gunshots from up to 500m (which is realistic) and voices (lesser range). I don’t know if they pick on radio communications, probably not, but I have seen them moving towards your position immediately when first shots were fired. They are very aggressive and in combination with night, it’s extremely hard. I was hoping you’re going to wait for dawn and then assault the village in the first reinsertion but well… Like it was said in the AI thread, once AI goes to combat, I can only delete them which I don’t think is very cool.

Overall, your assault on artillery emplacement was very good though you didn’t see MG placed behind it and that MG was very kind to you though it had enfilade fire on one element. Suppressing fire maybe could have helped, not sure.

I’ll end with something I don’t appreciate. I know that technical issues and getting killed is not cool, but if you pick a leading role of the squad or fireteam, it’s expected from you to stay long enough and not go away with "alright fuck this mission I’m out". Other team members depend on you and we actually spend a lot of time making these missions.

I loved the setting from this mission. The tracers and sounds when we jumped from the plane was really nice.

The mission felt a little too GM controlled though for my taste. I think players should have controlled the jump fully. It created a lot of confusion I felt when we started in the plane. I couldn’t hear anyone and had no idea that we jumped at low altitude - I did survive though. Also the time-jumps were not really my style.

I think the best way to do missions is to give the players the tools to do them and then solely focus on enemy controlling until the players are home at base again. When the GM interferes with the players (Transporting, giving orders/info, doing firemissions and so on) I feel like this creates more confusion than what it actually adds to the mission. The best missions are those where you pretty much forget that someone is pulling the strings from above.

After the jump and everyone had found eachother it was pretty interesting with. The fear it gave that you couldn’t see shit was quite nice. Also the confusion when we heard shots were interesting. I loved that part, well done.

Thanks for the feedback.

[user avatar=“” name=“Anders”]4259784[/user] - the initial idea was that AI should have driven you to the objective but Dachi warned me not to give AI such important assignment as there is a chance of things going wrong. The trouble in giving players ability to drive is simple - that pilot role after the jump is useless. Pilot can’t do anything or participate in the mission in any way except crash the plane.

Artillery bombardment was attempt to add immersion (D-Day) and also a clue on possible position of the enemy artillery. Initially, hadn’t it be so late in the event I would just give you assignment - find arty and destroy it, without any map markers. Artillery fire would then be useful as clue of it’s whereabouts.

I agree on GM giving orders part though, but that’s hard to avoid since I wanted it to be true to the story. After capturing St Maire Eglise Easy company received a new order (going to Brecourt Manor and destroy arty). They didn’t have that objective before jump. So it would be hard for Abuk (Plt Ldr) to come to this on his own, although that would be an interesting thing but pretty much impossible to GM (what if he decided to go somewhere else?).

I left after the server crash (should have writtten that) so only take my feedback for the first part. With Artillery and GM giving orders it was just meant as a general example - didn’t experience that part of the mission.

With the thing about the pilot role I agree that it’s a tough one. First of all this mission had the whole of the island occupied by the enemy meaning that we wouldn’t have anywhere to take off or land.

Now if we did actually have that I would have suggested to let the pilot do some airsupport with jets or recon with drones after the initial jump. Of course also reinsertions with parachute.

But I agree for the specific setting this was the only possibility to do the jump.