Community Rules

Community Rules


General Rules


Treat all members with respect, no matter what rank or age. Discrimination or prejudice of any kind is unacceptable. Homophobia, sexism or racism will not be tolerated. Depictions of sexual content (nudity etc.) are prohibited.


Our tactics and procedures are based on Dslyecxi’s Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Guide (TTP3) for Arma 3 and the CNTO Appendix to TTP3. Do not employ in-game tactics and procedures that are not covered in those documents.


If you encounter issues please make use of our dedicated Communication Channels.


Members are required to read all posts in the Community Announcements Forum.


Minimum attendance ratio is 1 event per 2 months. If that ratio cannot be fulfilled, one should post a Leave of Absence (LoA).


Request for LoA has to be declared in advance on the Leave of Absence category.

  • Members on LoA are not allowed to participate in events and can be on LoA for a maximum of 12 months. Recruit LoAs are limited to 2 months.

  • The minimum time of LoA is 4 weeks.


Recruits must qualify for promotion to Reservist within 8 weeks of joining Carpe Noctem. The following criteria must be met:


Player nicknames can be up to 2 words, each capitalised, max. 10 characters in total (spaces included). The staff retains the right to judge nicknames outside of these established rules. Make sure your nickname is uniform within:

  • Arma 3 Profile

  • Carpe Noctem Website / Forum

  • TeamSpeak

  • Discord


Members are allowed to bring their friends to our TeamSpeak. Non-members can only be on TS if they are actively playing with or talking to a member.

Event Rules


Adherence to the official Carpe Noctem mod repositories is mandatory. The use of so-called “client-side” mods is prohibited.


During Carpe Noctem events the language in use is always English.


Streaming of our events is not permitted. Publishing edited videos is allowed.


Use of all in-game chat (global, group & side) is limited to Staff Members for organizational purposes. Do not circumvent the fact that you cannot reach people on the radio/via voice by use of chat. During briefing & debriefing use of global chat is allowed, but keep it brief and on topic.


Never pick up or make use of enemy equipment during events unless given permission. Fireteam or Squad Leaders who plan to make use of enemy equipment need to inform the Platoon Lead about their intentions and get permission to do so in advance – not after the fact. Picking up enemy wearables such as headgear, vests and uniforms is always prohibited.


The retrieval of friendly equipment is allowed. Cross-contamination of elements kit and equipment should be avoided at all times. Permission is not required when retrieving your element’s specialist equipment but it should be communicated to your immediate leaders that you have successfully retrieved it.


We probit any goggles and face wear items that look out of place.


  • Braveheart camo, Joker face paint, etc.

  • Ladies Shades

  • Diver Goggles

  • VR Glasses


Staff Sergeants may discipline members for breaking our rules. Disciplinary actions are not subject to debate. Such measures may include:

  • Being banned from an active mission

  • Being discharged from the community


ACRE 2 recommended volume settings are as follows:

  • BUDDY level 1-2: This volume setting is used for private comms, jokes and just general conversations to pass time which are not combat critical. At spawn, we automatically enforce Buddy Volume (level 2) on all non-leaders.

  • COMBAT - level 3-4: This volume setting is used for communications during firefights.

  • EMERGENCY - level 4-5: This volume setting is used when you have to absolutely make sure everyone around you can hear you.

Note: The AI can hear you talking/shouting depending on your volume level and will engage you accordingly.


Never have your weapon raised and pointed at friendlies when in non-combat situations.

Note: It is highly recommended to lower your weapon whenever you treat/interact with friendlies via the ACE3 menu. Otherwise, you might misfire and injure them if they happen to move or the ACE3 interaction menu bugs out.


When selecting an important role during an operation, such as Squad Leader, Platoon Leader or Medic, you should do so under the assumption you will be able to attend from the start of the event until the debriefing is completed.


During events do not expect technical support. Members are encouraged to test their game as early as possible.



Official means of communication are forum PMs, Discord or via voice on TeamSpeak. Avoid using other methods such as Steam chat or TS3 chat.


Members are asked not to hot-mic on TeamSpeak – i.e. transmit unnecessary sounds due to bad mic configuration or negligence. This is considered very rude and we will force push-to-talk-only settings on members who can’t avoid hot-miking.


Always verbally sign in and out of TeamSpeak channels using the following format:

“[NAME] IN" / "[NAME] OUT”

This gives those already in the channel an overview of who joined/left without having to alt-tab during gameplay.


Added community, recruits

Added members, staff and removed community

Removed staff