Arma 3 Updates

The latest update to Arma 3 is live. Thats nearly 700mb.
It should improve game stability, potentialy improve framerate, but there were reports of actualy losing some FPS.

Arma 3 - Change Log


  • Added: Ability to prevent respawning happening at all at mission start
  • Added: Ability to toggle vision modes (night vision, thermal vision) in Virtual Arsenal by pressing N
  • Added: Missing functions into Arsenal
  • Added: "N/A" is shown over empty list boxes
  • Added: Waypoints to vehicle radar
  • Added: New hit points for the remaining Truck variants
  • Added: Author property for texture sources and animation sources
  • Added: BIS_fnc_gridToPos (based on Grid Refrence to World Position - ARMA 3 - MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING - Bohemia Interactive Forums)
  • Added: New sound for opening the ramp of the Mohawk helicopter
  • Added: New animation source for opening ramp of the Mohawk helicopter
  • Added: Code performance button for the pause menu debug console. Allows checking how expensive the code in the Expression field is.
  • Added: VR Suit can now be retextured
  • Added: Accuracy stat for weapons in Arsenal
  • Added: camo3 to the sections in the ghillie suit’s model config, so it can be used in the hiddenSelections property
  • Added: Showcase briefing section in MP Tanks
  • Added: An optional parameter to prevent an establishing shot from fading in when finished
  • Added: BIS_fnc_fps now saves the input into variable (BIS_fps_output)
  • Fixed: Selection camo in the BLUFOR sniper model
  • Fixed: Missing accuracy rings on moving zombie pop-up targets
  • Fixed: Double inclusion of an include file
  • Fixed: Icons of known and locked targets in the Field Manual
  • Fixed: Condition for displaying DLC indication in the Field Manual
  • Fixed: Respawn camps had an incorrect author
  • Fixed: Player is now able to exit planes after belly landings
  • Fixed: Minor discrepancy in the duty values of pistol stances (also make it slightly less demanding to move around with a pistol)
  • Fixed: Possible abrupt scenario end when a client reconnects to the game in MP Headhunters
  • Fixed: Huron (Black) RPT warnings about animation sources
  • Fixed: Upper mirrors on the Ifrit are now facing in the correct direction
  • Fixed: Some 20-30mm cannons don’t damage buildings
  • Fixed: MP Bootcamp does not fail the "Engagement" task if all players are dead anymore
  • Fixed: Vermin cases fell through the shooter’s hand
  • Fixed: Small duty inconsistencies in animations
  • Fixed: Independent armored vehicles don’t report warnings about their mirrors anymore
  • Fixed: ZGM 4+1 Bootcamp - Players can no longer damage the HEMMT truck within the infantry stage
  • Fixed: Animation source inheritance
  • Fixed: Configured correct damage materials for the exterior of the Civilian xH-9s
  • Fixed: BIS_fnc_gridToPos didn’t accept letters above ‘j’
  • Fixed: Selecting an empty insignia in Arsenal didn’t remove the last selected one
  • Fixed: Voice preview in the Arsenal didn’t match the selected item
  • Fixed: Security vulnerability of GUI scripts
  • Fixed: An issues where Zeus couldn’t perform some object interactions (e.g. refueling a vehicle, editing content of an ammo crate)
  • Fixed: Duplicate respawn tent notifications and radio messages (Login)
  • Fixed: Persistent on-screen text in some cases of Stage restarts in VR trainings
  • Fixed: The fuel hit point of the Hatchback wasn’t working
  • Fixed: Tires of wheeled armored vehicles were not taking damage from gunfire in some situations
  • Fixed: Some Headgear items were not visible in Zeus
  • Fixed: Weapon impact stat in Arsenal was not calculated correctly
  • Fixed: Overlapping of title text and player name in the Main Menu
  • Fixed: Added missing vehicle classes to CfgPatches
  • Fixed: FV-720 Mora had wrong zeroing for higher distances (see Login)
  • Fixed: Grid offset for VR World is now set to the correct value
  • Fixed: Wrong transition after salute
  • Fixed: Task completion in the Sling Loading VR Course
  • Fixed: Weather sync issues in Escape from Altis
  • Fixed: Step over after turning left / right with equipped launcher and performing treatment
  • Fixed: Missing treatment animation with pistol / launcher
  • Fixed: Static autonomous GMGs and HMGs now have a proper view angle in the UAV Terminal
  • Fixed: Missing sizeEx property in shortcut button
  • Fixed: Missing enableEnvironment in the Establishing Shot function
  • Fixed: DLC icons were not implemented correctly in Arsenal
  • Fixed: Sounds of the navigating helicopter animation
  • Fixed: Problem with sorting weapons using MRCO optics
  • Fixed: The color of selected items in Arsenal wasn’t readable well
  • Fixed: Offroad FFV positions have proper compartments set
  • Fixed: Sprinting in Kneeled Adjusted Downwards position transition to Standing
  • Improved: New fireplace sounds
  • Improved: The on-board clock in the Mohawk is fully functional now, because time is money, pilots!
  • Improved: HEMTT, Zamak and Tempest trucks hit point configuration
  • Improved: Headgear available in the editor and Zeus is now the same as in the Virtual Arsenal
  • Changed: Second default face in Arsenal disabled
  • Changed: Combat Fatigues for Miller and Kerry have been hidden (they don’t actually use special uniforms, just generic ones)
  • Changed: Init event handler now uses call instead of execVM
  • Changed: Decreased deflecting angles of certain ammunition types because they ricocheted a bit too much
  • Changed: Color of the yellow question mark to green in MP server selection menu
  • Adjusted: Crash sounds of the Quad bike
  • Tweaked: Sounds for pistols
  • Tweaked: Stance indicator can now be positioned separately from weapon info
  • Tweaked: The non-functional engine temperature display in the Mohawk has been set to a more reasonable value so it will not scare pilots by being red all the time
  • Tweaked: Slightly decreased base deflecting values of pistol bullets
  • Tweaked: xH-9 config cleanup / refactoring
  • Tweaked: Hatchback, SUV and VAN config cleanup / refactoring
  • Tweaked: Position of get in memory points so that AI doesn’t get stuck when disembarking helicopters
  • Tweaked: CfgPatches for headgear should contain the correct classes now
  • Tweaked: Huron rotors aren’t visually destroyed when fully damaged by shooting. This reflects that the lift is not lost instantly, but it gradually decreases, and the helicopter falls down in an autorotation. No change in the following: when the rotors are destroyed in a collision, they stop rotating and are visually destroyed; the Huron then falls down directly. Kaboom.
  • Tweaked: Damaged body hit point of MRAPs now properly shows damage on the vehicle’s body texture. Durability of this hit point was optimized accordingly for different ammunition types. Durability specifics of the given vehicle remains unchanged.
  • Tweaked: Increased PiP resolution in AV Terminal and AV Camera
  • Tweaked: 30mm APFSDS Kamysh ammo now correctly damages MRAPs through the frontal engine buffer zone, albeit side hits are much more effective
  • Tweaked: A turret hit now cannot cause the explosion of the whole MRAP vehicle
  • Tweaked: Decreased APERS bounding mine trigger range for it was possible to trigger it through the roof / floor from another building story
  • Tweaked: Increased the maximum simulation duration (parameter: timeToLive) for long range projectiles so they are now able to actually reach the distances they could be fired for
  • Tweaked: Further increased masses for GM6 Lynx and LRR to maintain proper weight differences
  • Tweaked: Get out points for Assault Boat
  • Tweaked: Level of entry points for Speedboats
  • Tweaked: Time Trials start mechanism to reduce shaking
  • Tweaked: Re-worked Kart driving model to work as before (after the new PhysX)
  • Updated: Inventory for Huron ammo container disabled (Login)
  • Optimized: Strider hit points to achieve more consistent hit results
  • Removed: Obsolete addon Air_F_RTD
  • Removed: Debug message in the Field Manual
  • Removed: Flame texture animation in health feedback systems
  • Potential spoilers
  • Fixed: The “Obtain AA Launcher" task is no longer marked as completed if the player destroyed the helicopter by other means in Showcase SCUBA
  • Fixed: Diplomatic Relations - weapons no longer appear beneath tables


  • Added: New commands for getting all controls from inside a display as well as all displays registered in-engine
  • Added: New command for getting list of all variables from given namespace (allVariables)
  • Added: Enabling mods report in retail (RPT)
  • Added: Buldozer - Ability to lock elevation of objects during terrain sculpting
  • Added: command turretOwner
  • Added: Missing getters for object variables
  • Added: New script commands - getObjectTextures, getObjectMaterials
  • Added: ComboBox and ListBox UI controls are now able to show a secondary icon
  • Added: Waypoints, custom waypoints and assigned targets to the radar
  • Added: Secondary text for listbox / combobox items, additional script function for managing new texts
  • Added: Detection of the source mod / DLC for config classes
  • Added: New animation source for lowering and raising of turrets (player controls not yet configured)
  • Added: Logging of extensions used in the game
  • Added: Mod / DLC icons for terrain selections
  • Added: Mod / DLC icons in the add module display (editor)
  • Fixed: Player ejected into the air when starting movement after a get out animation is initiated
  • Fixed: Cursor following the weapon when reloading [ffv]
  • Fixed: Wrong animation after ejecting from a jet with small height
  • Fixed: 2 x Ctrl now works in crouched pistol stance
  • Fixed: Possible crash on Altis caused by the wrong position transformation of the coordinate system
  • Fixed: customMods flag
  • Fixed: Possible crash in calculating normals
  • Fixed: Model property reading (buoyancy, reversed)
  • Fixed: respawnAtPlace so it is not getting a dead soldier out of a vehicle where he died
  • Fixed: Removed drawing of obsolete custom waypoints
  • Fixed: Sound: Avoid XA2 effect memory leaks, and updated the effect interface
  • Fixed: Available space in Steam Cloud storage is not counted correctly
  • Fixed: Potential CTD when using switchMove on gestures
  • Fixed: Vehicle mouse steering is not influenced by vehicle speed
  • Fixed: Missing implementation of ordered cargo positions in scripting command lockedCargo
  • Fixed: PhysX static weapons are not ‘sleeping’
  • Fixed: Static assertion in the Linux build
  • Fixed: Incorrect reading of colors for roads
  • Fixed: Small dot drawn on the top of the screen when the compass is shown and a custom waypoint is set
  • Fixed: Defective client IP check in loopback mode
  • Hotfixed: Video texture mipmaps
  • Fixed: Localized string in controller customization
  • Fixed: A problem with MP prediction when a client lags too much in a cargo position and a related potential crash
  • Fixed: Camera shake diagnostics
  • Fixed: Crash in land clutter rendering
  • Fixed: Problem with MP synchronization of living characters in ragdoll
  • Fixed: Inability to get in a Slammer after it had a full cargo compartment
  • Fixed: A problem with remote vehicle suspension being under building shapes
  • Fixed: Missing published items in the publishing window (Login)
  • Fixed: -mod parameter load order
  • Fixed: Diag modules are cleared before INIT scripts are called on units
  • Fixed: G-force camera shake is now present even when the engine is off
  • Fixed: G-force camera shake is now applied to all units in a vehicle, not just its commander
  • Fixed: Camera shake from passing vehicles when a player is in freefall
  • Fixed: An issue where AI would not respect objects, which were rotated using setDir, in the computation of pathfinding
  • Fixed: AI ordered to get in a vehicle will do that after disembarking the current vehicle instead of only disembarking
  • Fixed: Restricted possibility to gain control over another player’s unit by using selectPlayer or remoteControl commands
  • Fixed: Key blocked by script is blocked even if held for a while
  • Fixed: RoadsLib.cfg was not changing roads after a change of landscape
  • Fixed: CTD while accessing a non-existent brain
  • Fixed: Use of vehicleInCoef for mine detection
  • Fixed: AI running away after a Get Out waypoint at specific locations
  • Fixed: Local WRP & road shapes don’t work together
  • Fixed: Reporting wrong PhysX onContacts
  • Fixed: Check for a null shape (possible CTD)
  • Fixed: Use of surfaceDeflectionCoef
  • Fixed: CTD when accessing a null pointer when working with magazines
  • Fixed: LeaderCandidate selection
  • Fixed: Headless Client units were laggy
  • Fixed: Problem with rocks under roads
  • Fixed: Correct mod / DLC icon order in the main menu
  • Fixed: Linux build with older PhysX version
  • Fixed: (Short) holding of a key caused an action to trigger multiple times
  • Fixed: AI door gunner unable to engage targets that the pilot didn’t see
  • Fixed: Medics lost the ability to heal when a target was teleported
  • Fixed: Server crash in tier0_s.dll
  • Fixed: Local client connections aren’t disconnected
  • Fixed: Crash in SteamLayer
  • Fixed: Scenarios were present in the addon list
  • Fixed: Problem with restarting Dedicated Server breaking for some clients
  • Fixed: switchMove "" now resets animations again
  • Fixed: Cannot interact with items in a teammate’s backpack
  • Fixed: Squad AI inventory locked
  • Fixed: Loading mod icon from the mod path; showing mod icons in the editor only for mods visible in the main menu
  • Changed: Moved NetworkServer send messages to a different thread
  • Changed: Configuration of camera shake caused by damage was moved to config files
  • Changed: The defaultMod flag so it works correctly even with the -mod parameter
  • Changed: configProperties - last two parameters are optional now
  • Changed: AddXYZWeaponItem, RemoveXYZWeaponItem should support also magazines
  • Changed: Removed contributed items from the Publisher’s published items list (Editor)
  • Changed: Re-factored loading of mod configs, added loading of default values from a mod baseclass
  • Changed: Set building Linux with PhysX 3.2.4
  • Changed: FPS cheat limited for public versions
  • Tweaked: Better and faster tracing of fire sectors (optimization)
  • Tweaked: Formating of the MP strings statistics
  • Tweaked: Sound: Optimized distant vehicle simulation
  • Tweaked: Lowered the limit when shared system memory is used
  • Tweaked: Cleanup of unused technology in physics
  • Tweaked: Small physics optimizations
  • Tweaked: Ongoing netcode optimizations
  • Tweaked: Clean up of certain Steam implementations on game shutdown
  • Tweaked: Engine code refactoring and maintenance
  • Tweaked: Changed parts of MP prediction to lower bad positions and position jumping
  • Tweaked: Create standard helicopter flight model if RotorLib is disabled
  • Tweaked: Minor change to local message deltaT
  • Tweaked: Removed HC feature macros (cleanup)
  • Tweaked: Windows error message formatting unified
  • Tweaked: Sound: Sync breathing with gun movement
  • Tweaked: Waiting for the send message thread before calling extensions
  • Tweaked: Minimal message time prediction delta
  • Tweaked: Proper filter for grenade collision contacts
  • Tweaked: Sound: Updated breathing start condition
  • Improved: FFV interpolation
  • Improved: First part of script event handlers refactoring and fix of an issue where removing an event also reindexed others behind it
  • Improved: Possibility to command AI to get in personTurrets and cargo separately [ffv]
  • Improved: Optimizations of swimming state handling so it is not calculated when you are not near water
  • Improved: Mods have been refactored so we can add new types of mods more easily
  • Improved: More exact near water detection for some sub-routines
  • Improved: LZO Pro now uses safe decompression routines
  • Improved: Re-factoring send messages server thread locks
  • Improved: Re-factor PhysX simulation thread locks
  • Improved: SteamLayer is able to read config.bin directly
  • Improved: PhysX updated from 3.2.4 to 3.3.2
  • Improved: Model (P3D file) pipeline:
  • The object’s data (geometry and animations) is reversed right after P3D file load (original data)
  • No more reverse operations at game run-time
  • Improved: Load string table from all addons before parsing configs
  • Improved: Increased memory allocator limits for AnimationContext
  • Improved: Refactored context menu so it is using enum instead of macros
  • Improved: Road binarization
  • Updated: Steam SDK to v1.31
  • Disabled: Placing and interaction with mines in personTurrets [ffv]
  • Optimized: Removed an unnecessary parameter from AIBrain
  • Removed: handleScore being issued by addScore from scripts
  • Removed: Scripting commands to modify values that can be changed with diag_MergeConfigFile
  • Moved closing of SendMessages thread before Battleye closes
  • Fixed: Parameters with multiple visual representations are no longer duplicated in Arma’s command line
  • Fixed: Error message box wasn’t displayed when user attempted to add invalid local mods and specific conditions were met
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary quotes from the pre-requirements check message
  • Fixed: Arrow in addon sort icon looked bad
  • Fixed: Concurrent logging and async preview image update could cause a handled exception to appear in the log
  • Fixed: Exclusion of Steam mods from Local extension storage didn’t work as intended
  • Fixed: Folder watcher was not updated after a custom profile folder was changed
  • Fixed: LES may crash while composing list of local addons with UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to path is denied
  • Fixed: Update button visibility converter may cause CTD
  • Fixed: File download continued when an item was unsubscribed from Steam Workshop
  • Fixed: Invoking a keyboard shortcut for Play caused a CTD
  • Fixed: Unsubscribing a mod from Steam Workshop caused the mod to be listed as a local mod under specific circumstances
  • Fixed: Null-pointer exception
  • Fixed: Launcher was not recognizing unsubscribing of all items if they were unsubscribed when launcher was not running
  • Fixed: Custom mod descriptors weren’t removed correctly from LocalExtensionStorage (LES) caches when the excluded files list was updated
  • Hotfixed: Prevent localization container from localizing a value with null or an (strictly) empty value
  • Added: Support for EBO local mods; Launcher now accepts local mods with extension ‘?bo’
  • Added: Some commands now use Steam client instead of a web browser to display Steam pages (Open Steam addon web page, Add Steam addon, Add Steam mod). This feature is controlled by a checkbox in the Options (and can be deactivated there).
  • Added: Bohemia Interactive logo is now clickable and opens the company web page
  • Added: References to localized strings for the big update button / repair button styles
  • Added: Localization for 1.36
  • Added: Click on the Play button now temporary disables the Play button for a brief period of time (1 second) to prevent users from launching the game twice when they double-click on this button
  • Modified: Subscribe / Add mod buttons moved to bottom of the window
  • Modified: English strings updated after proofreading them
  • Modified: Adjusting position of Bohemia Interactive logo to align it with the Add / Subscribe mod buttons
  • Modified: Steam download manager now uses a new file system helper
  • Modified: Decoupled code interface and implementation of profile loader
  • Modified: Hides text label "Mod" from the Subscribe Mod from the Steam Workshop button
  • Changed: Logging for SteamLayer disabled by default since it’s quite heavy
  • Improved: DLL load error handling


[] Updated: Stand-alone Windows Dedicated Server (1.38)
] Updated: Stand-alone Linux Dedicated Server (1.38)
[] Known issue: Steam client modifies the steam_appid.txt file incorrectly. In case of issues, verify its content is: 107410
] Known issue: Sometimes the add-ons are loaded from the wrong installation (e.g. main game)
[*] Try adding -mod=curator;kart;heli;dlcbundle to your arma3server.exe shortcut

Fingers crossed for no crashes/performance drops/desync or mod incompatibility.

Edited Changelog of the OP.

Thanks for informing the community about the update, Abuk. Well done! :thumb:

Everyone make sure you verify your game cache via Steam after downloading such a large game update.

Let the hunt for most noticeable and practical changes BEGIN!

I’ll start off with pointing out my "wtf" interest to

and leave the rest for later after my headache is gone.

We Noticed lowering your weapon is not working unless you rebind your keys. We also noticed every member in game has a patch on there left arm stating they are Alpha 1 2 or Medic or ASL which is really cool !

I didn’t have any issue with lowering or raising my weapon…

I liked:
Fixed: Minor discrepancy in the duty values of pistol stances (also make it slightly less demanding to move around with a pistol)
Fixed: Sprinting in Kneeled Adjusted Downwards position transition to Standing
Improved: The on-board clock in the Mohawk is fully functional now, because time is money, pilots! (lol)
Tweaked: Damaged body hit point of MRAPs now properly shows damage on the vehicle’s body texture.
Fixed: 2 x Ctrl now works in crouched pistol stance (this was bugging me so much)
Fixed: Medics lost the ability to heal when a target was teleported

That has been added with the latest mod repo update.

What’s your bind for lowering the weapon? Do you have any other mod binds on LCTRL?

2xCtrl. I use Ctrl+Windowskey for AGM self-interact. Ctrl+WASD for changing stance. Ctrl+Tab for TFAR volume.
Pretty much default stuff.

Ctrl seemed fine for me for everything except raising and lowering my weapon? Weird!

I re-binded to right Ctrl and it worked! lol

Ctrl worked for everything except lowering weapon so i rebinded to C

Works fine for me on the exact same setup. Odd.

Apparently it’s an issue with AGM agm_interaction Breaks lower weapon after ArmA update 1.38 · Issue #1988 · KoffeinFlummi/AGM · GitHub

A lot of possible CTD and PhysX issues were fixed. Weapon resting/bipods are not in (I think they’ll be released with the DLC)

Noteable changes:

-Added: Weapon muzzle velocities are now correctly defined per weapon and not per magazine as before (backward compatibility is maintained as magazine initSpeed is now considered when there is no initSpeed defined in the weapon, while a weapon defined initSpeed overrides the magazine defined value) – more realistic and customizable weapon damage

-Added: aiRateOfFireDispersion parameter into the base fire mode class with a default value of 1 to introduce basic randomness in AI firing patterns (to-be-tweaked) – AI shooting shouldn’t sound like a drum-machine anymore

-Added: New danger cause (dcbulletClose) to danger.fsm (notes in AI Changelog) – Future code to allow actually suppressing the AI

-Added: New layer to make sound more sharp and realistic while hitting ground – Relevant to audio mods as well!

-Fixed: Camera was sometimes randomly stuck on the closest zoom – Good riddance

-Fixed: The explosion of a car can destroy heavily armored vehicles – We used to think it’s a bug with RHS but apparently not. Nice!

-Tweaked: Weapon SFX overhaul (sidearms, rifles, SMGs, machineguns and suppressors). – New gun sounds!

-Added: Enabled Firing From Vehicles inertia – Shooting from the back of the car, possibly from a vehicle’s turret might feel different.

-Added: Supersonic crack in 3D & flying bullets sound – Bullet-cracks added in Engine, so it should improve performance and not rely on scripts

-Fixed: 3d person view camera shake caused by damage – Possibly the first step in making 3rd person camera less inviting?

-Fixed: Unable to switch positions in vehicles in MP

[justify]With this update I think we can drop JSRS Lite and possibly save us all a lot of hassle. I am not convinced anymore that JSRS lite does what it promises as I’ve found quite a few RTP errors after Fridays operation related to JSRS. I love the new DragonFyre sound effects, but if it hits the server performance even a bit then I think it’s just not worth it.

Note to everyone:
As always make sure to verify your steam game cache after updating Arma 3.[/justify]

I didn’t like the performance benefit (which I didn’t feel) vs. how much worse DragonFyre Lite sounds in comparison to real DragonFyre. I have to agree with you there. But hey, we’re still waiting for DragonFyre RC5 to be released…

I found something about the WeaponSoundChanges
and upcoming stuff from the the marksmen DLC regarding to recoil and weaponresting

This could make also weapon resting that we are using useless!

i don’t know if it’s the right place to put this in … so pleas move the my post if you think it shouldn’t be here!

As always lots of interesting changes, I’ll go through them as soon as I find some time.

Regarding sounds, I definitely agree, we should be more strict with mods in general. We are growing ever so bigger and that means less FPS just because of that, so adding any mods on top of that is just a risk of having even less FPS. Even if JSRS RC5 has improved performance over RC4, but it causes RPT errors, I think it’s not work of the trouble. We should use vanilla sounds.

Found an issue with the latest update, it broke the NATO Hellcat mod. So no more fancy CAS choppers till that gets fixed.

Small game update, not much we will notice. Unless it broke some of the mods.

Check out full list at Login

EDIT: You might want to change your video settings to something different and back again. This is how clouds rendered for me before I did just that.

Full changelog for 1.44 is finally out, you can check it out here SPOTREP #00042 | Dev Hub | Arma 3 | Official Website

Notable changes:

Added : Another height to Weapon Deployment
Fixed: Binoculars switch while moving forward, crouching with your weapon lowered (both rifle and sidearm)
Tweaked: Stance Indicator - ‘can deploy’ and ‘rested can deploy’ separated
Tweaked: Changed audibility of footsteps

Fixed: Weapon attachments properly affect AI aiming
Fixed: Weapon Deployment - Player can end under a building or end up levitating when deploying a weapon
Fixed: AI got stuck if it joined another group during healing
Fixed: Strange soldier neck glitch :frowning:
Fixed: Player will not lose command after use of the respawn button
Tweaked: Smoother deployment camera transitions
Tweaked: Sound: Supersonic crack improvements
Changed: Switched to open-source version of PhysX
Optimized: Various netcode optimizations to reduce the amount of redundant information being synchronized (in gear, position, turret and other updates)

There’s tons of fixes to vanilla stuff that we don’t use, crash fixes and they also released a ton of new tools for modders/mappers/etc