Arma 3: APEX - Megathread

Full credit to Abuk for the link, 4 screen from the new map.
Terrain Confirmed - Tanoa! - Album on Imgur (Edit: Back-up link down the post in case that imgur is getting closed)

Keep in mind that the map reveal will be done live during bohemia show on E3.

Holy shit, its beautiful. I love jungles.

Here’s to hoping said jungles are more interesting than the Just Cause jungles tend to be…

(Rough eye-ball estimation. The real size of Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea is much bigger but according to BI’s leaked post, the map will be roughly 100sqkm. It still looks like Stratis on Steroids :p)

"Shit" - Ho Lee, 2015.
This looks amazing, we can finally do some vietnam style ops!

Does anyone know if this will include another campaign, or at least a new faction?

Yes. The post that was ‘accidentally’ leaked mentioned new vehicles, uniforms, units, weapons, etc. A campaign is not far fetched. :wink:

Aww yiss

Wow I’m with Chris this would be an awesome campaign, jungle ops, VC sneaking into our positions amazing and we can get the huey involed for some air cav style ops :d


Jungle. Called it.

You guys are totally missing the bigger picture here… JET-SKIS CONFIRMED

Don’t get too excited, the best current Vietnam ARMA content is from 2004 via Unsung. You can use a modern huey-pack and some M16A1s to replace crap weapon-models but uniforms will still be horrible.

Yeah jeeves agreed but I bet we won’t have to wait long after its release for a new Vietnam style mod :slight_smile:

All we really need are those vietcong hats/helmets, the rest is already out there. Although some vietnam era planes and jets would be cool as well.

You may be able to get away with VC but definitely not NVA. VC didn’t wear those farming hats into combat that was just an American stereotype.

Also, i don’t think Napalm and agent orange are really an arma thing

This might be the FPS killer.

colorfull, isnt’t it ?

Whoever missed it and wanted to see how pretty Jay Crowe is. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is the Tanoa Reveal Trailer, enjoy.


[spoiler=]This Japanese WW2 airplane is so sexy ! 1:01[/spoiler]

You guys were right about the jungles! Well spotted!

Looks great!