Your software compilation

I was making backups and lists of all my settings and programs I’m using in case my PC goes apeshit again. So while making list of programs I’m using, I was wondering if there are some better ones, or ones that combine multiple functions into one program. I’m always looking to streamline my PC, so I’m interested in what you guys are using.

This is my list:

  • ytorrent - Torrent manager
  • Audacity - Audio file editor
  • AVG - Antivirus
  • Dxtory - Game Recorder
  • Freemake Video Converter - Converts video files and combines those pesky two part movies
  • Handbrake - Converts DVD folders (files) into .mp4
  • ImDIsk Toolkit - Easy to use RamDisk creator and image file mounter
  • Link Shell Extension - Creates Hardlinks and Symlinks
  • Media Monkey - Audio Player
  • Office 2010
  • MiniLyrics - Fetches the lyrics of song that is playing in audio players (don’t judge)
  • MusicBrainz Picard - Manages metadata of audio files - this in combination with Media Monkey, sorts out the shit out of your audio collection
  • Notepad++ - Advanced notepad - I no longer use MS notepad, as this is so much better
  • GeForce Experience - Has Shadowplay function - if there is some awesome moment in-game and I haven’t recorded it with Dxtory, Shadowplay will record last 10, 15 or 20 minutes of gameplay. Only bummer is, it records only one audio track, so it combines your microphone with game sounds.
  • - Image file editor (because Photoshop takes too much time to learn, and MS paint doesn’t offer enough features)
  • PotPlayer - Video and DVD player
  • Razer Cortex - Game booster
  • Spybot - botware
  • TeamViewer - when need to help someone with their PC, or show someone something on my PC
  • tiny Media Manager - Video Library - organises your movies and TV shows into folder, and allows you to easily filter out what you’re looking for
  • TuneUp Utilities - Cleans up your PC automatically and regularly, allows you to easily customise your windows (folder icons, startup screen, etc.) and speeds up your PC with a single click of a button (removes aero, theme, shuts down background processes, services…)
  • Vegas Pro 13 - Video Editor
  • Winrar - Archive files manager

So, what are you guys using? Recommend some programs, warn people about not using others, and ask for recommendations.

Dump PotPlayer and Get VLC its the all purpose player my list also includes CCleaner which is very effective at cleaning your pc) + Steam?

Have you tried PotPlayer? I’m pretty sure they have similar capabilities, but I like more how PotPlayer looks and feels.

use utorrent

only use VLC - Media Player and delete all the others :slight_smile: