WW2 for Arma 3

Hey guys,

I know we already tried to do a WW2 campaign and it didnt really worked out very well…but!
I saw this mod the other day on Shermanator’s youtube channel and is really really good:

Its all about the war between Germany and Czechoslovakia in the early stages of WW2. Its still in a developing stage but the tanks and the weapons are really well done.

That’s a not very well explored facet of the war (at least in games). Colour me interested. I believe the last time the people organising had the germans as an SS division and that made lots of people uncomfortable.

Yeah i noticed, thats maybe the reason why people didnt join…but anyway i think that this mod offers the option to play as the czechs which is quite amazing. Any way we play viedogames not politics.

Its more pre world war 2 than anything - old equipment, old tactics, an untested german army against an army that no one knew put up fight. Doesnt really seem interested. A conventional ww2 mod would be much more interesting.

Dont get me wrong im a big history nut especially ww2 but I dont know if this is very interesting enough to hold our attention.

Yeah i get what u say, but im a bit tired of all the futuristic and modern things such as UAVs and modern rifles etc… i’d love to see us in the middle of the battlefield with no radios, CAS, ressuplies and more of bolt action rifles and good old trech warfare.

Most of the czech equipment was used by the germans anyway, so some of the mods would have a lot of it. If there is a decent set of ww2 mods that would be interesting, especially if you simulate the relative lack of radios and that. That said, I’m up for giving this one a go.

I still have a campaign in the making that is meant to use CUP (which has some czech weapons, vehicles, etc.) and is set some time after WW2, during the soviet occupation. I’m still ironing out the technical details (no synchronized permanent map markers (possibly shared across missions), limited radios, limited equipment (shared across missions), basically the OFP: Resistance campaign, in multiplayer.

That being said, I thought I was being original by including the czech environment. :slight_smile:
The OFP-era ČSLA mod was pretty good and this one seems to continue in their steps, … so the result might be decent.

As an alternative, I’ve been keeping my eye on Arma 3 Mod Review - Unsung Vietnam War Mod v3.0 - YouTube , the asset variety would make for some great immersion options (especially if we can randomize AI loadouts via scripts, so they don’t have the same weapon/ammo like regular army does).

The thing that drew me to iron front though is that the vehicles actually disintegrate into pieces when shot up. Which should have really been in arma 3. There wasn’t really a destroyed state unless you blew it to smitherines. Do you know if that feature is in the czech mod?

Here is a good video that reviews the mod; WW2 ARMA 3 - CSA 38 Mod - Invading Czechoslovakia - ARMA 3 WW2 Mod - YouTube
unfortunately this mod doesn’t have that feature but is still in development so… who knows?..