Wrel - Dealing with Anger

[justify]Hey guys,

I’ve been following Wrel for a long time because I was hugely into Planetside 2 back in the alpha / beta and finally the initial release phase. My interest in Planetside 2 has subsided over time but I’m still subscribed to my favourite Planetside 2 youtuber Wrel.

A bit over a year ago Wrel released a video (within his "Thoughts on Better Gaming" series) that I had to think about today when I was about to get really mad at a frustrating situation at work. I still fondly remember it and it often calms me down mighty quick. I would like to share Wrels channel with you guys - maybe you too will see yourself or parts of yourself in this video. There is certainly a lot of overlap not just to RL but also our Arma 3 community.

Hope you enjoy it.[/justify]


PS: I find it hillarious that he chose a Terran Max Suit as the thumbnail for "anger". :LOL:

This is the prelude video leading to the one above - The Concept of Being Graceful


Hell, if we’re going to quote that brilliant bastard, then have his video on setting goals in your life!

[youtube]How to Set Goals Properly (PlanetSide 2 Gameplay) - YouTube

I don’t know this guy but… damn that was just genius :slight_smile:

He is speaking about a friend… 3:01 … i have a friend who uninstalled CS:Source more then a 100 times because he lost a match!
I always thought "holy crap… ridiculous"! But maybe i should show him this video, because i don’t think he is aware of his own reaction and why he is reacting like this :slight_smile: and it always affects players around him… it’s like flaming … just kills fun and every last breath of hope to do something good!

Thx for sharing