Wouldn't it be great to have a fast single-thread CPU?

When "shopping" for new CPUs at work yesterday, I was looking for some 16+ core Xeons (work related reasons). I went to see the list of new CPUs, to see what kind of generation are we on now and then I saw …

Try to spot anything off in that frequency column.

You see it?

Apparently, alongside all the "efficiency optimized" CPUs, we have a freakin’ 5.1GHz stock clocked quad core. Note that "intel" 5.1GHz is much higher than "amd" 5.1GHz (at least bulldozer/piledriver).

As I think sometimes about upgrading my workstation and plan to go for ECC RAMs, this would be the ideal CPU to play Arma on & use as a workstation at the same time, as Xeons cannot normally be overclocked and there’s nothing ECC-enabled in the gaming/mainstream world.

Unfortunately, then you dig deeper and discover that this is a very limited-edition model for very specific government "needs" and that it won’t be generally available.

God. Damn. It.

Well, I’m off waiting for AMD Zen. :slight_smile: