Would you like lots of variations on custom assets?

With our custom assets, I often face an awkward decision - whether to create all possible combinations / configurations of a given asset or whether to keep things small in numbers.

For example - for the flecktarn camo, we currently have 2 helmet models used as bases - vanilla Combat Helmet and the 6b27m RHS helmet. Given 5 environment variations (desert, jungle, mediterranean, forest, snow), this means 10 items in total. With ESS goggles variations on the 6b27m helmet, it is 15 items in total.
Now I’m supposed to include a remake of the 6b47 helmet (which looks very similar, IMHO), in base variant + ESS goggles variant + balaclava variant, additional 15 items just for one helmet, 30 in total. Just helmets, not even all headgear.

And that excludes other helmets I didn’t make configs for, but could have as the textures could have been reused, like using the Combat Helmet textures for Enhanced Combat Helmet (+5 items), Light Combat Helmet (+5 items), etc.

This is not just helmets: Tshirt versions of all uniforms? Shades/goggles versions of balaclavas? …

The main disadvantage of this is eating space in the Arsenal, which has no search bar and is already crowded. The secondary disadvantage is more items for the engine to load, more things to maintain in the config and more work for Price to retexture stuff (though he seems to be more than willing to do it).

The main advantage is quite obvious - you being able to pick whatever variation of whatever accessories you want.

My viewpoint here was always to focus on the "big wins" and include only items that are sufficiently different from each other, to get as much bang from as little added items, to not clutter the arsenal. But maybe I’m wrong.

So would you like more items and small variations of our custom assets in the Arsenal or would you like to keep it short?

IMO as a military unit it should be more about unity than identity.

We could remove 6B27s and vanilla helmets and move to using the more modern 6B47s And you won’t need tshirt variants for all camos, just say, mediterranean, desert and jungle. For snow you probably don’t even need rolled sleeves