Worms with CNTO


This was something we were planning/discussing a little bit ago, but now with the Winter Hiatus coming up and with our shiny new forum up and running, it would be good to plan this here.

Who would be interested in doing some CNTO community matches in Worms W.M.D (or some other edition, W.M.D. is just the latest one AFAIK)?

It would be also good to plan ahead and pick a specific date and time, so we do not run into the issue, where it will be stuck in planning limbo due to multiple players only being interested if a certain amount join, and others saying they are down, but not knowing when they might be free.

I should have time in the week between xmas and new year. However, I got no clue which dates will be available yet :smiley:

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I’ve only got Worms W.M.D but I’d be totally down for a few rounds of CNTO sheepsanity!

According to my Steam friends list the following people might be able to join us:

@Longbeard @Shadisica and @Xander have the game in their library.

@Garf @Seb @Churizo and @Stoneowl have played it before on Steam but I don’t know if they still own the game or if they have refunded it.


I’m up for a game if I’m free when you run it.
Toss it in the calendar and share a link on discord :slight_smile:

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What is this, 2002? I’m down!

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gimme a shout when and i’ll buy it :v:


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