World war 2 in arma 3

I’ve looked at invasion 1944 and iron front mod for arma 3… they look so much fun, and I was wondering if we would consider trying it out enmasse at some point. No radios, just shouting at people, and designated radio men who carry a big chunky one on their back

I really like the Mod, it would be worth having a few mini ops with it!

My only concern is the logistics of it all… It’s likely a large mod, which will have to be downloaded by all participants

Yeah, but only the ones who want to so they can play like in a mini op or something.

I believe Invasion 1944 is on hold for a long time now… to be honest I don’t think there has been put any work into it.

The thread was closed a long time ago, and noone has heard about it.

About that Iron Front mod, I believe there’s some weird thing with it… anywho… it would be awsome to have a mini op about WW2 indeed.

We always welcome members taking the initiative towards variety. So go ahead and test it, I’d say! Check the mod out, find out if it works, how it works, and what we need to known before playing.
Then organize the distribution of the necessary files and the planning for a larger test (since testing on your own tends to not simulate very well). Then you can look to organizing an actual mini-op event.

Do remember though that so long as you don’t convince the NCOs to officially support this endeavour you are responsible for its success or failure. Effort begets success in this case, and from what I read from Tex’s post you have quite a bit of work to do to make this idea a reality. However I, for one, am most definitely craving some WW2 action again, so you can count on me being there.

If you have any questions on the logistics I’m sure (hope) some of the JrNCOs would be willing to give you tips. I, alas, know nothing of mods nor mod hosting.

Let’s make a list of who has iron front, or who is willing to participate with iron front lite (free, with lower texture resolution). Then we’ll have a count on who might enlist for a mini-op. If there are enough enthousiasts, I’ll propose we first just use the vanilla loadouts and public available mission files. I am sure this can be hosted by anybody having decent hardware and internet connection. If this concludes on a positive feedback, I’ll be willing to create a template for iron front based miniops.

I setup a poll for counting : Iron Front A3 Poll

If you search over the forum you will find another thread already discussing this topic. It should be ± 2 month old

I personally don’t have iron front but I don’t mind playing iron front lite. What really impressed me about the assets is that vehicles actually disintegrate, (lose doors, bonnets and other bits drop off) the more you shoot them xD I’m not sure if that’s still a feature in iron front lite, but oh well. I reckon we can do a mini op and then perhaps do more. I’m currently installing play with six for the iron front lite install, and will have a good play around with the assets. My internet is british so really not suitable for hosting so somebody who doesn’t live within the dark age european sphere of influence will have to host. Perhaps a scandinavian or a belgian…

I’m interested in playing, but neither have the pc or net to host this. Will have to check for the files when i get home

Just tested it all out. It’s really good! the lite version’s textures are a bit low res, and the maps don’t have good LOD models but they’re functional and playable, The weapons are great, You can play as a variety of factions, Bluefor are the wehrmacht, sturmtroppen, panzerkorps und ze luftwaffe etc, Redfor are the red army for make benefit glorious soviet union. independant are both the us army/airforce/.tank batallions, as well as polish fighting for freedom from fascism and communism. All the iconic weapons and vehicles are there and work how you would expect. M1s cannot be reloaded until the clip is expended and you hear the iconic ping.

We will have to adapt our tactics, Machine gunners are deadly, but need somewhere good to deploy, rifles are either bolt action, or semi-automatic with smaller clips, smgs are deadly, yet limited in their ranged capabilities, and radio communication is difficult, so for the first mission we play I reccomend some sort of bootcamp/ training course to familiarize ourselves with these old fashioned weapons and new trigger disciplines (as ammo is scarce… you’re pretty much expected to take it off the dead), and new radio. But who should we play as first? the wehrmacht, soviets, US or the polish? I’m gonna give running MCC along side it a try.

Very well Price! I am glad you posted this, I made a quick check yesterday and couldn’t find time to write a summary. There are 2 possibilities before we go for custom mini-ops… Although MCC works fine with the assets. There are 2-3 public servers which propose coop missions, lookup iron or front in the filter. They seem empty very often, we could just try to meet in one and see from there. The other possibility is to run one of the coop missions you can find in the Steam workshop when searching for iron or front keywords.
I would probably try to bind in acre2, just for the direct coms.

I know I read there is an issue with the recoil… we must check it out for ourselves.

I’ll be very available from Sunday on.

Yes there are a couple of issues. Some weapons don’t have recoil at all as far as I can tell… Most glaringly of all is the MG42, which has literally no recoil

Who would be up for testing this on tuesday night? Someone with good internet will need to host however. I’ll make a post to organize the event.

I have set up a server and an arma3sync compatible repository with autoconfig url and everything. Please move this thread somewhere private (or create a new one) - I don’t really want thousands of bots connecting on my FTP.

Also, feel free to poke me on TS to test the server.

how do I make threads private?

Start them in a non-public section of the forum? Or move them there? (Ask a moderator, I guess.) :slight_smile:

Anyway, there seem to be some issues in running the mods on a dedicated server - when loading any of the pre-made maps, I get kicked back to the mission selection screen. Even the MCC Altis template does it, but the "zeus coop training" mission works just fine.

Hmm… perhaps we should tell people to just do that then, maybe allow people to use the arsenal and test out things on a range, whilst we see if we can use MCC to whip up something

I figured it out - the problem was mod order. See - the mods have to be listed in a specific order. This was vital for the server, but also appears to cause less glitches when done on the client (can be done via arma3sync, tab "Addon Options").

This might be asking too much Freghar, but could you create a custom arma 3 synch repository that includes IFA3 LITE for everyone? It might encourage more people to get onboard, since they know how to use the repo system. Those who have iron front can always manually install too

I already did that, read above:

The TS seems to be down at this moment, though.