Windows 10 is Free!

I first spotted this a while a go, but was reading an article about it again yesterday so I thought I would see what you guys think.

Is anyone going to upgrade upon release (seeing as though it is free). Is it worth doing/what are the pros and cons of this?

Thanks for sharing this with us!

I’m still seeing some posts on reddit how Microsoft is waltzing 1 step forward 2 steps back with this version. They have become extremely proficient at fucking shit up. :confused:

I’m sure they will bring tons of improvements, better security, DX12, etc, but I’ll stick to Win7 for as long as it’s supported.

I see they learned from Windows 8’s adoption rate, then. This will work well for them. Me? I’m sticking with my guns. Don’t see a reason to upgrade as of yet.

The preview version is already released. You can try that for free and see if you like it. I am going to upgrade to 10 but its Free for only the first year. So ill probably wait half a year untill its properly tested and then ill upgrade.

I am playing with it now on a VM and to be fair I quite like it. A vast improvement over Windows 8 & 8.1.

For now sticking with 7 and upgrade properly later as shiny has said.

In my experience there’s usually no reason to try upgrade straight away and you’re better off waiting a few months for the bugs to get ironed out.

Keep digging, Microsoft.