Why AI sees you (not) through bushes and trees.

I think this guy covers it well and makes the whole thing clear once and for all.


First and third examples are valid as far as I can see. It is consistent with experience, the more of enemies there are, they are covering greater variety of angles and there is greater chance that one of them is going to spot you and communicate with others. Seems to me however, AI is better in communicating exact location of enemy than we are…

On second example you can clearly notice how BLUFOR is alerted and even as he walks to the waypoint, he maintains his focus on OPFOR guy.


He keeps scanning slowly around him while remaining prone. Because of the camera angle it might not be visible if he actualy had direct sight on the OPFOR when he was running.
Makes it look like the bush prevents him from pulling trigger but not from observing target.

At no point did he look away from location of OPFOR. BLUFOR got spawned in facing away from the tree, he was given the first waypoint 2m away facing the tree and ever since that he did not look any other way. Another thing is that AI go prone whenever they spot an enemy.

We’ve had situations where AI in buildings follows players with their weapons, even when walls are in between. I’m afraid this is that case.

It’s good to know concealment is working though. I would like to know if the distance and density of concealment plays any role. In first example, concealment was dense, but what would happen if he placed AI closer to each other with those kinds of bushes (less dense concealment) in between?

Yeah, I wonder. Lack of delay when target out of concealment and instant reaction on attacking same area (like that granade chuck) is kinda inhumane. Prone seems to be a trademark of AI.

If this could be worked out by BI, usage of AI mods would pretty much optional, just to increase flavour.

A bit more details to this are shown in one of Luetin’s latest videos:


[justify]Once the AI is alerted such as shown in the second example (trees) of the OP video, it will fire with deadly accuracy if the unit behind the tree was moving. This is because AI does indeed see through all trees, however they only fire once full line of sight has been established. At any rate the AI is still going to have the advantage in woodland areas, as they are most likely to go prone and thus have even better accuracy than usual once the target moves out of the tree cover.[/justify]

It is important to note that this "I dont see you behind bush" applies to official arma 3 maps. AiA terrain pack imports A2 maps, but they don’t have proper mesh detection, therefore bushes, trees etc dont act as intended. This is supposed to be fixed in new release of said maps in Community Update Project (CUP).

Plus - grass is rendered clientside and is not treated as concealment vs AI. So if you think going prone because theres alot of grass between you and target will save you, you’re wrong. Grass impares your vision, but is not a concealment.