Where do you go when you die?

Since our change to 1-hour reinforcements, I’ve had multiple 50-55min breaks (somewhat unfortunate) and was just wondering - what do you guys do when this happens to you?

  • waiting - this is quite the boring option, especially considering the "hyped up" state you’re likely to be in after the firefight prior to your death
  • play more Arma3 - I’ve finished the campaign, all the showcases, the challenges are crap, workshop missions are rarely decent, … I sometimes practice helicopter flying, but with my desync, I’m not gonna be flying during our coop missions and besides - it gets pretty boring after a few minutes playing alone
  • play other games - I don’t play much besides the crazy stuff (hotline miami) and this stuff drains (real world) fatigue a lot
  • play with a dog/kid - both seem to be really disinterested/tired when I suddenly step away from the computer and approach them
  • read a book - that’s kind of like sleeping or working, it’s a multi-level-deep process not well suited for a short 50-minute break
  • go outside - it’s not safe around here after dark and washing blood off my clothes is a hard job and I’m lazy
  • make a dinner - already did that prior to the op, so I could play
  • clean stuff - neighbours wouldn’t be very happy at that hour
  • solder something up - just the preparation would take 40 minutes, OTOH if I die multiple times, I might get something done, like an IC555-based christmas tree

Any additional ideas welcome. :slight_smile:
Would you be up for a mini-miniop (maybe some CQB practice?) on my server if we meet again and have a >45min break?

I usually just tab out and watch an episode of a series that I’m watching, or just some youtube videos.

watch dslyecxis videos and try to find mistakes what you did that got you killed in a first place :smiley:

Juggling. One of these days I’m gonna get 4 balls going.

I usually grab a smoke, grab a drink, get a plate of food, and then watch youtube…Game Grumps, Jontron, something like that.

Grab a nice cup of tea and some biscuits while watching TV.

I don’t die :wink:

When I first saw the title I thought this was going to be a religous question…

Depends on the night. Play a different game, watch some youtube, grab a shower or get some food.

Consider how badly I got my fireteam/squad killed + continue rewatching some of that sweet sweet Kuroko no Basket.

Watch re-runs of Top Gear and hope you don’t get to distracted and miss the chopper.

Fanboys… all six of them.

They should be teleported to an ethereal lobby where they can play slots, blackjack and pool for all eternity…

Play with wife. :slight_smile:

But then what do you do after those 5 minutes?

But then what do you do after those 5 minutes?[/quote]

5 minutes is a loooong time, but thanks for having such a high opinion about me. :slight_smile:

Everyone knows what you are doing with your Mic muted Chris

Everyone knows what you are doing with your Mic muted Chris[/quote]

I wouldn’t mute my mic for that…