What type of terrain do you guys want custom-built?

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I should be able to field a terrain slightly bigger than Utes in about 5 weeks despite the learning curve of the Terrain Builder.

Please comment if you have other ideas, your feedback is valued.

Current Status: On Hold (family problems)

Votes have been counted, overwhelming majority for Tundra

Preliminary height-map of terrain: Screenshot by Lightshot
Whiter areas signify elevation, in this case up to 100m.
Scale is roughly 3km far left to far right but I can scale this later.

Looks like Wake Island :smiley:

Would this be just for PVP ? Or will MCC just work on a custom made mission ?

Hey Shiny,

Just to clarify, this is an actual terrain such as Sahrani or Chernarus, not a mission.

MCC will work as it does on other terrains, if not better due to the fact that its not a direct port from previous ARMA games such as Porto (which we previously had problems on??) which is from Armed Assault.

Its an actual island located off the Canary Islands, I remembered it from my travels there when I though, damn, this would be a good ARMA map. It is barren rock IRL and I will be turning it into Tundra by popular demand. I think it will work quite well with the rolling wind-cut grooves and small open valleys offering some relief from the harsh winds of the open ocean winds (since this Island will be located ingame somewhere v. cold). Small settlements and military bases will be built in these areas. I am thinking of adding one major industrial area to the SW of the island which is open and flat with a coastline allowing for a small port. But right now, I am working on recreating the Namalsk like feel with snow-capped small hills (All in Arma Terrain Pack content) and frozen earth at lower elevations. I should be able to get some screenshots to you guys within a few hours of work, maybe next week!