What games are you playing?

Curious to see who/how many are using the forum + curious what you are playing.

What’s are the current games in your rotation + is there anything you’ve been eyeing and tempted to try?

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Not much at the moment, before moving I had just gotten back into MSFS. But I’m waiting for Cities Skylines 2 really :smiley:

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As per usual. Stellaris, Hearts of Iron IV, Arma 3 (no shit), ETS2 (Awaiting Poland Rebuilding mod release), ATS, sometimes I hop into Battlefield 4. And my favourite, STALKER Anomaly GAMMA

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We should do some ETS2 convoys when I get my wheel!


Personally, I’ve been doing a bit of Arma 3 of course and a few games of Civ 6. I’ve started playing CS2 now, which has been quite fun!

I tried to play some Minecraft too, but I think I wont without mods. It takes two is fun w a friend!

Lastly, Hero of the Kingdom series, is an excellent little point and click adventure game and I love it. Fully completed the first two games and now both the other 3 to play through as well.

Finished Days Gone which was better then expected. Played some FIFA 23 and will try some Football Manager next time I’m on board. Redownloaded Kingdoms Come and just started with Starfield. Got bored of Divinity Original Sin 2 and TW:WHII.

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I’ve started to properly play MC with some mods again. It is really fun and the new cave system generation is a bit overwhelming for someone who likes to mine them out 100% :smiley:

Waiting to get my internet back but usually it’s AOE2, a bit of FFXIV, Squad, and that’s all. Didn’t find anything catching my eye lately

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I didn’t have time to finish Baldur’s Gate 3 and thus I trailed off a bit to more “plug-and-play” experiences where I don’t have to remember a massive story with a cast of thousands in between sessions.

Currently, I like to play some modded Rim World and when I need more action I play A Plague Tale: Requiem. I like Requiem though I have to admit it is not as strong and well-paced as its predecessor A Plague Tale: Innocence.

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@Clarke want to show off your RimWorld colony? :smile:

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Elden Ring, late to the party but loving it!