Welcome to the new forums!

Welcome to the new forums!

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Hi there !

We’re most likely switching back to a more dark grey anthrazit version for the forum module. otherwhise it’s probably a bit hard to read. going snow blind from all the white

I don’t mind the white in the other boxes.

What do you guys think?

Yes change the white definitly.
Especially at night its very frustrating to read.
Also we need to change the green/camo colour on the sites or have a pattern in it.
Its to plain right now.

The white will soon be changed to a dark grey with white letters. I saw that in many forums (including the eagc) and it seems the most neutral strain on the eyes. However we’ll most likely only make that change happen for the forums. The brighter look of the boxes seems friendly and inviting.

About the background, we tried several high resolution camo patterns etc. made by Tiloup and it always looks so "try-hard-mil-sim", the same goes for picture background like you see on the Euroseals page. Too much detail in the background is distracting to the eye. Thus we went for a very sleek and uni-colour design where we limit ourselves to three-four colours tops.

Got inspired by shacktacs main page as well as their tumblr blogs:


Minimalism design rules. =)

Edit: couldn’t figure out so far how to change the forum font colours independently to white. We’ll work on that.


Ryujin and I spend another two hours in a teamviewer session and changed the website to its current state. We are both quite happy with it and for now it will most likely stay this way. The theme editor tool has a lot of interconnected parts and thus it’s quite hard to edit one page without screwing up another.

If you have ideas or feedback please note it down for the next NCO meeting at the end of October (this will be the very first official NCO meeting).

I hope you guys like the forums and the website - have a great time here!

Yes this is way better :slight_smile:

Looks good for me :slight_smile:

Snipers? anyone?

Helloo :smiley:

3rd person view? Anyone?



Hey Guys,

I like the look of the website, the format is simple and easy to understand. I think the plain colour design is better than using patterns as it makes it easy for the important things on the page to stand out.

I thought you guys were too good at this game to use 3rd person? :slight_smile:

And we are, but Chris is all about that bass…

Bass? I just prefer arma in 3rs person, that’s all

Just to make things clear.
We are not switching to 3rd person :slight_smile:

[quote user_id=“3602631” avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/3602631/avatar/medium.1411590107.jpeg” name=“Shiny”]Just to make things clear.
We are not switching to 3rd person :)[/quote]
I love you so hard!