Weekend - City Travels - Voyages etc.

Hello Guys

I was thinking lately that to be in a community like this can have some other favors aside the have fun and play together side.

Once i’m over with school/studying i want to go travel from time to time! I don’t speak about 3 week all-inclusive Holidays in Egypt… more likely City- or short Trips to a City or Country i don’t know…

If you Guys are willing to host me or (maybe) any other Member of this Community to share 1 or 2 days together tell it in this Thread…


Thierry aka dulabu

As for me …

I life on Switzerland for the moment in the french-speaking part, close to Lausanne!

In a few months, i will life less or more close to the capital city Bern

If ever one of you guys want to make a trip to Switzerland and stay for a few day … it will be a pleasure for me to be your Host!


Cracow, Poland is open for visitation. Would be glad to show you some pubs… I mean historical places and stuff.

As soon as I’m in my new house in a couple of months anyone is more than welcome to crash in the spare room to visit the good old UK.

I’d be happy to have someone over if he wants to see the netherlands. I live close to Eindhoven and we have a lot of World War 2 stuff around and Belgium is not to far away either :slight_smile:

Yeah you should definitely come to the Netherlands, lots of dutch members so we can do a meet up :smiley:

If you’d be up for a trip to Denmark, my girlfriend and I would love to show you around Copenhagen! :slight_smile:

P.S. I live around 1:15 hours away from CPH, but it’s easily accessible.

I may be able to wrangle someone coming to the South Coast of England, but then I may also get stabbed in the neck by the misses for it. We have a spare bed most of the year.

This is awesome!

Thank you guys for the propositions :slight_smile:

"Wanderlust" is already coming up…

If any of you guys wanna come to Spain for your summer holidays tell me, i live in the UK but in summer i go to Spain and have no problem in being your host!

Awesome post. You guys are welcome in Eindhoven. I’m living in a small studio, but it should work for short stays. I’m planning to do a bicycle trip through Denmark. Maybe we will be having coffee in Copenhagen, Aarhus, or another cool place in Denmark.

Damn do we have 3 people from Eindhoven here ? Ionaru is from Best, im from someren and fructose from Eindhoven. We should grab a beer sometime !

Yes, definitely!

And I’m in Oss (less than 30 minutes away), we should definitely do that :smiley:
Unless you have a problem with drinking with under aged folks, or just don’t want me. In those cases I will kill you, or at least send you an angry message. Choose your next words wisely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nobody wants you Chris.

We’re too busy adoring Clarke for that.

An angry message it is;

Dear Kaleo,

I would like to say that I am very,very angry.

Kind regards, Chris.

Having a beer sounds great :slight_smile: good stuff guys!

Not wanting to let the dutchies have all the fun, if any of the UK folks wanted to meetup for a pint in London I’d be well up for that.

I’m in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Door is always open for ya.

I’m not too far away. May not be able to do it for a couple of weeks, though.