Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

So, I picked this game up over the weekend, and it’s more or less l4d with a strong melee focus, and a hell of a lot of fun. Does anyone else have it and would you be up for a game?

[justify]As an ex-Warhammer Fantasy painter, collector and player I’m always interested in video games which carry the GW brand. So far reviews seem to be rather positive, but currently the price tag is still a bit too steep for me. I’ll pick it up in a hard-sale for sure though.[/justify]

I’ve played a fair amount now so a brief summary:
The l4d comparisons are, frankly, inevitable. It’s a 4 player co-op "survive the journey from a to b while carrying out some actions." Similarly to l4d it has semi-random maps where they layout is the same but the enemy numbers, composition, and areas events happen can change. It also has special enemy types. That, however, is where the similarity ends.
Where the different characters were for flavour in l4d, the five different classes each play differently, some more drastically than others. Each class has a melee and ranged weapon, with limited ammo. The melee is well polished and very gritty: severing limbs and heads isn’t so much as common but more very frequent. Attacking, blocking, and dodging all feel well balanced and timing is important. Ranged fighting is tight and satisfying. The ragdolling is amazing: it is quite common to see corpses nailed to walls by arrows and some of the firearms toss the enemies about. I have launched the rats off cliffs and ledges, with that spinning corpse making me chuckle each time. The setting is great: it’s been some time since a Warhammer game that isn’t 40k and the dark, gothic feel really adds to the abience.
Unlike l4d there are no weapons strewn across the map, instead whenever you successfully complete a mission you will get a random peice of loot (with the option in map to find and take items that increase the difficulty but also the chance of getting better loot). Weapons often have unlockable abilities and there are several ways to improve gear.
The price is pretty decent, too, and the first new (free) map has already been added. Suffice as to say: if you liked l4d I would expect you to enjoy this: it even made it into TotalBuscuits top 10 of 2015.

Damn. I just re-watched TB video on Vermintide and now I want to get me some tail…

I think you can get it for 18euro from kinguin.com

If you do get it let me know and we can chew up some rats

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