War on Malden campaign

Malden War is a persistent PvP and PvE campaign happening on island of Malden starting on Tuesday 24th of April. Considering rules do not simply fit within the regular OPORD template, I will post the howto guide here. Players should refrain from revealing anything about their faction allegiance.


Malden has been under rule of military junta for decades. Recently, a wave of unrests caused by bad economic situation has attracted the interest of biggest foreign powers. US and Russia are sponsoring the two rival resistance factions with one single goal - reach the complete control of the island.


You start as a civilian on the island of Malden. Heavy economic situation is forcing you to join one of two rebellious movements. In the first mission you will need to find your way towards the rebel recruitment centers and enlist by talking to recruitment officer (action menu). Be careful though, each center is controlled by one foreign power and it’s entirely up to you which one do you feel like choosing. During the course of the campaign it is not possible to change sides! Upon joining the faction your hidden base will be revealed on the map. Do not disclose it to the enemy under any circumstances during or between the campaign battles.

Upon joining the rebels, your mission is entirely up to commander of your unit. You have options to attack military junta, seize their objectives and collect weapons and gear for your faction. Rebel factions are hostile to each other and fight for territory wherever they see it fit their agenda.


Every piece of equipment needs to be brought back to the base and stored in one of the ammo boxes at hidden base. Vehicles that are in base radius of 100m are also persisted for the next mission. Autosaves are performed every two minutes so please be patient before you leave the server.


There are three type of objectives marked with different marker types.

infantry symbol - village objective
HQ flag symbol - major town objective
service symbol (triangle) - factory

Each marker is colored by appropriate ownership color. Green is for Junta, blue is for proamerican rebels while red is for prorussian rebels. Seizing objective requires a side to have a 5:1 domination around objective for around two minutes. Change of ownership will be announced on the global chat. Upon seizing the objective, reinforcements controlled by AI will be sent to the objective from the mainland with sole purpose of guarding the newly aquired objective.

Initially, all objectives are controlled by Junta.

Objective types

There is no big difference between town and village objectives except in size and enemy stregth. Factories however produce vehicles and ammo. Considering civil war is underway, vehicle and ammo production will be severely limited and capturing gear from the fallen enemy is essential to survive.

Rules of conduct

Reinsertions are every 30 minutes. Soldiers waiting for reinforcements are meant to be used as logistics and they can leave their base immediately if they want to perform logistic operations. Logistic soldiers are allowed to defend their convoy but anything outside that is considered cheating.

This sounds very cool! Looking forward to check it out!

As written on Discord:

We need 6 players who are willing to be part of War on Malden testing team. I can’t be a part of the team since it would be conflict of interest. Your task would be, once in a while, hop on development server (or my personal if development server is used for something else) and check if features marked as needs testing are indeed resolved or not. If you’re interested and willing to help, let me know here or PM.

Backlog of issues is being maintained on GitHub. Here is the definite link -> Issues · CntoDev/tactical-tuesday-tours · GitHub

Thanks in advance.