Video game designers/programmers wanted

Nuff said.

So I have art assets and gameplay design ideas but i’m really hesitant to continue. I want partners in crime for feedback, actual asset implementation, making the game… a game, as well as sprite, environment, sound and music designers. I’m just a gamer at heart who’s pretty good at art and direction, i have very few marketable skills in the functionality department. If any of you are an experienced coder, and want to work on something different, please message me, I can discuss the finer details.

The game is addictive, cute and, with simple, RPG like graphics but will have some pretty advanced features, that I need consultation on. It will include customization and random generation of assets based on presets decided on by the player before establishing the settlement. You can, for example fine tune the ethnicity of your citizens, give them skin tone ranges, hair colour/ ear types etc to make them unique as well as decide on the colourscheme and architecture of buildings and the makeup of the map itself. (desert, river, lake, sea etc.)

This is what a settler might look like. Now imagine the parameters I set were, warm ( so citizens wear airy clothes) Elf eared, tan skinned all blonde. and they are nomadic. The game would choose from mulitple layered PNGs,
Base male/female dictated by gender, hair style, colour, face, clothes and accessories/jewlery (I have quite a few different pngs.)


And that’s just one of hundreds of different combinations.

Also note these are just alpha sprites. with more time, effort and conviction I can create more majestic and more animated sprites in 2.5 d similar to those used in ragnarok online for example. This would allow for a much nicer more 3 dimensional feeling world with greater customization in terms of town structure etc

The basis of the game is making do with the cards life has dealt you. The most fun mode would be if the game randomly generated a world for you to live in, which you have to adapt to and exploit.

The lifestyle of the citizens differs depending on what is provided by the environment. They could be nomadic and live in hide tents, using what is available and migrating when the area is no longer supportive of life, (though it will recover) They could be static and grow crops, or subsidize most of their diet with fish from the sea. Everything depends on the resources available, which shapes the village into what it is. Living in a desert would make it hard for you to build wooden huts for example or burn wood in fires. You might have to use dung from animals for burning and building. Preserving food through sundrying would be easy though.

The engine I had in mind was Unity, but if anyone has any suggestions go ahead.

Maybe one day it’ll be sellable on steam greenlight or at least kickstartery.

‘dont look at ass’
‘dont look at ass’
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