Video compression and ARMA

Tom Scott explains this best.


Essentially, the effect that Tom describes in the video above, with Snow and Confetti, also seems to apply to the grass and foliage in ARMA 3. See my video here for an example.


Whenever I start to run, or quickly jerk my view point from side to side, the image suddenly gets almost completely lost in compression artefacts. I’ve seen the same issue in other people’s videos, and it just occurred to me that this may be the problem.

Looking around on forum posts elsewhere on the web, it seems that the problem is a combination of YouTube’s specific compression algorithms, and ARMA 3’s ‘Sharpening’ post-process effect, as well as low recording bitrates.

The problem may be solved, or at least alleviated by pushing the bitrate up on your recording software, but obviously, this would put more stress on your system, causing ARMA to run at a lower frame rate, which will also make the video look like crap (As well as making it worse to play)

I’d do it myself if I were at home right now, but if someone would like to test messing around with graphical settings (Particularly Grass + Foliage quality, Sharpening and Anti-Aliasing) and see how it affects the quality of videos, then please do, and let us know what you find. It would be a great help to all of us who like to record our games for prosperity.

Recording in 1440p instead of 1080p might also help

Recording in 1080p is fine, but when rendering, render and upload it to youtube as 1440p. Youtube uses a different bandwidth estimator for "above full hd" and any artifacts are greatly reduced (as long as people play it back as 1440p even on 1080p monitors).

Sooo you are saying that 3 hours of rendering is not enough? My PC will melt :frowning:
Anyway, "as long as people play it back as 1440p", not everyone knows that :frowning:

Plenty of people know it, TotalBiscuit has been advertising it for ages

Oh, great.

like [user avatar=“” name=“Freghar”]13633351[/user] said, I tried it and it works, upscale to 1440p while rendering, upload to youtube. When playing back it is even worth setting the playback to 1440p, the downscale your browser will do, is still not a problem vs. the shitty bitrate Youtube provides to 1080p videos (8Mbps avg.).
Small sample, i even went up to 2160p

[youtube]- YouTube

The one below is from an Ops, recorded in 1080p 60fps (i have the feeling the vid is smoother is 60p, you don’t notice that the game is running way below 60p), then edited, then rendered by upscaling to 1440p, can’t remember the bitrate i choose, probably around 24Mbps. I had to throw away all raw and edited material as I have no storage space for those.

[youtube]- YouTube

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