One copy for just under 7 EUR! Just bought the four pack and have one copy left. :slight_smile: Highly recommend

Agreed its a great game, havent played it in a while but will probably start playing again

What’s it like?

It’s as optimised as AC Unity (it runs like shite), the gameplay itself is pretty entertaining. Imagine Red Orchestra with only bolt-action rifles and less gamemodes

Well, my PC is not a beast and it runs on High/Ultra with decent FPS. Played it for about an hour and it is fun, there is some progression tree and other stuff I do not really understand :smiley:

People still playing this? Its on sale.

[justify]I’ve received this a couple of months ago as a gift. So far I haven’t had the chance to go over the top screaming "eat sausage, Fritz!"

Anyone up for having a go at it? Not really going for PTFOing in this game, just having a lark with some mates.[/justify]

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