Use the attendance reports to your advantage! Again...

Hi Guys

I’ve written about this subject once before but I think the problem is really bad right now so I’m writing about it again. Also most people playing now weren’t here when I posted last time.

So right now 6 people are set to attending for tommorrows mission. About the same as it was last week. I would expect around 20 people to show up in the actual mission but I believe there could have been a lot more if we used the attendance reports like they’re supposed to.

The reports should be used so the mission maker and most importantly other players can have a pretty good idea of how many are expecting to join a mission. Atm most of us set ourselves to attending or the opposite a couple of hours before event start which there’s no point in. Most missions have already been set up and people have already made the decision whether to play or watch their favourite tv-show.

What I propose is that if you make a qualified guess whether you’ll be attending an event around 2-4 days before then more people are going to show up on that event. Think about it. If you were to look at the Coop tommorrow and it said "20 attending" you would probably be more likely to attend than if it said "6 attending" as it does now. We’re here for the big operations. Otherwise we wouldn’t join a group would we?

And I’m not saying you should cheat and have everyone set to attending just to make it look like there’s bigger numbers. I’m just quite sure that most of you at least have an idea what you’re doing on a friday night a couple of days in advance. Most of the time what you think is going to happen that night happens and if not nobody is going to chop your head of for switching back to "not attending". Even if you don’t have any idea there’s a "maybe" button which shows that you’ve at least thought of joining. Right now it looks like nobody even knows there’s a mission tommorrow.

I really think that the little time it takes for you to change your attendance status can benefit you greatly when joining the mission. I’ve heard too many people in the past say "But it looked like no one was coming?!". Come on guys. Do yourselves and the community a favor now that we’re so priviliged to have this option.

Well said Anders. I can certainly admit that I have been lacking recently in this regard. I will make sure that I add my status a week in advanced for all future events.

If I fail in this task, you can punish me however you want Anders. :wink:

[justify]Due to the low sign-up numbers this week I’d like to bump this well-written post again.

We usually always get around 20+ people participating, even if only 10 signed-up for the event. However, we know from experience that even more people will show up if they see that events indicate a high amount of interest. If you like participating in 35+ events make sure to put your voice on the event calendar - it costs very little effort but yields huge benefits for everyone.[/justify]