US Elections

So, who else is looking forward to the biblical events of a Trump presidency? I’ve always wondered what purgatory is like so let’s get this nuclear war started.

We need a mission to build a wall of sandbags !

On it!

Well. With a handful of states to go it looks like I need to dig that bunker.

Looking forward to that mission. But where are we going to build that wall? In the south to keep the Mexican’s out or in the north to keep those snow Mexicans out?
Why hide in the bunker? Come out and enjoy the nuclear winter wonderland. :wink:

At this rate, I think they need a wall around the whole country to stop half the population abandoning the sinking ship.

People jumping ship make me seasick. If all the " rational people " up and left america would devolve into America by idiots for idiots.

Its mostly just overly dramatic social justice warriors who have no idea how congress works. If they want to effect change in their country it’s more important that they take part in their local elections and stop sending idiots to congress to back up other idiots.

All this Giant Douche vs Turd Sandwich shit is an over-hyped sensationalized shit-fest. The world isn’t black and white.