Upcoming sneak peaks into Operation Blind Obelisk

I see Ryujin without glasses, red katana and hidden ammo cache. Also a heli doing an AMA aka Ask Me Anything.

There is no mercy in the war on drugs

The Cartels only function in two ways : Bribes or executions.

Great work [user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/4417969/avatar/small.1551569572.png” name=“Tiloup”]4417969[/user]

I’ll hijack this thread with a peek into a possible (miniop) campaign I have in the making and plan for arma3 1.56+. If you ever played the (beginning of) Operation Flashpoint: Resistance campaign, you may guess what I’m going for here. :slight_smile:

(right click - view image for full size)

I’d like to aim for nothing less than awesome - just this piece has many details hidden behind it - from AI modifications (so it can sit), through post-process filters to increase the dynamic range and make night more realistic, to a grass-cutting object, so that the camp/fire isn’t built on untouched clipping grass.

[user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/13633351/avatar/small.1434890353.jpeg” name=“Freghar”]13633351[/user] you’re already working on that or do you need help?

It’s currently just a bunch of ideas, concepts and TODOs - I’m mostly waiting for the EDEN update and CUP Weapons / Vehicles as the campaign would be set in USSR Czechoslovakia (thematically) and I’d like the use the appropriate weapons.

I’ll need to solve some additional challenges like disabling the folding map, map marker synchronization, etc. as the players will start as civilians without any blufor tracking - both should be fortunately doable from the mission namespace (sqf). I may reach for template/help once I get the ball rolling, though. :slight_smile:

Above all, I’m hoping to do some kind of campaign-wide permadeath - a character-based one, not a player-based one, though. The goal would be to make team leaders carefully assess the risks instead of the usual "just wait for reinforcements".

You may detect a bit of DnD in this. :smiley: