Untactical Guide - a video series

I’m finally starting to make the Untactical Guide - a video series that will show unfortunate events that occur when you don’t follow some of the rules of thumb that were written in blood. I’ll be updating the first post as I release more episodes.

Here’s the first one:


I lost the footage I wanted to use for episode 2 originally… Hopefully Ryujin still has it somewhere. Anyhow, the Hearts and Minds OP provided some good content for the series. Here’s the second episode:


Episode 3 is just done and released, enjoy! Thanks to Ozzie for the awesome footage:


I’m all ears, let me know if you have suggestions or ideas to improve it.

That looks promissing :smiley:

Does require some awfully specific footage, but I really like the idea of this.

Yes, you’re right. Most of it will have to be scripted and acted because I definitely won’t have enough ops and mini-ops to capture the things I plan for the future episodes. But the scenarios I have in mind are very simple and could be done and recorded in less than 15 minutes.

I like it. Your accent seems to be more pronounced in videos.

I love the idea! Nice work!
But don’t forget to visually highlight the issue. A little less experienced player would miss the issue completely and wouldn’t see the three squares up in the building. Explain what happened instead of going "aaaand yeah…" and it’ll be really good! =)

Nice, looks like you getting positive feedback on arma reddit.

Nice, that’s true! Here’s a link for anyone who’s interested to read it: Reddit - Dive into anything

All of the ARMA tutorials so far have been ‘do this’, either in video or written form. I guess this is still an effective teaching method, sort of reverse psychology. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I just need to find the video where Ryujin says ‘Contact, behind the green tree!’ for the communication lesson#1 for the next episode :stuck_out_tongue:

Really like the concept of the video, in a series, it really could help out some beginners and newcomers to the more ´´strategic´´ way of playing arma. Topics as these, as well as taking cover, knowing where the closes cover is at all times are quite important ones to insure you will last long enough in battle. I´ve seen many (experienced) guys make mistakes with these (it seems) basic tactics.

As the guys say above, it would be nice to see a longer video (discussing more topics in one video) and also (maybe with visuals) explain what goes wrong and what you can do better.

Love the time you spend to make these videos, I just joined this community but im really looking forward to getting to know all of you and contribute where i can!

nice one bro!! this should really help people to avoid making mistakes! with good horrible examples =P hahaha keep it up bro!

[justify]As I told you in private already Bull I really like your videos and I think you are creating something very useful for our community to serve as refreshers before trainings and operations.

To answer something a couple of members have hinted at when it comes to topic expansion. This series will most likely have one limitation: if ShackTac has already covered a specific part of Arma training another video from us on the same topic would be a bit redudant. Perfect examples for that are Bounding Overwatch, Peeling, Ground Vehicle Crew, Fireteam HUD etc.

Thanks again to Bull for his efforts and dedication, I look forward to seeing more vids. :thumb:[/justify]

Jeeves and I are working on a separate video series, something more along the line of the ShackTac training videos and we’re definitely going to need some help with actors/extras, we’ll let you guys know!

Looks great Bull I definitively don’t mind seeing my Nickname in video’s even if it is to show what I’m doing wrong!

Episode 2 is up! It’s currently Unlisted, I’ll make it public after I wake up.

Let me know if you find something genuinely wrong/terrible with it so I can fix it before letting the world see it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I might scrap it entirely though, I can definitely find/make more epic footage for a ‘cover’ topic.

I promised to upload an episode every week but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to record epic footage consistently. I’m not sure what is better - upload real (but mediocre) content or get a few guys to create acted (but possibly ‘fake’-looking) content

Awesome, you probably should have bleeped out the bit where I feature :stuck_out_tongue:
Glad you captured that.

I donno, in this footage the only guy not in cover is Swipp and he is trying to get to cover but gets shot along the way. I got shot immediatly when i exited the vehicle thus preventing me to get to cover or even try to. I dont mind acting if you got a script set up and if you dont have different footage.

Making this series is much harder than I expected. We need more recruits. :LOL:

New episode is up, let me know what you think. If there’s anything you think I should improve let me know, I’ll be making this public later tonight or tomorrow morning (I’m not entirely satisfied with the narration :x )


I cannot properly emphasize how much I think you’re on to something here, Bull. I once criticized your ability to voice act in videos due to your accent. I retract that. Clearly I was wrong.

You’re making something great here.