Un-used content/Expanded gameplay.

Why don’t we use the RHS UCP backpacks to go along with our UCP uniforms? They look nice and they’re realistic. And not add more scopes to the optics crate? When will we have designated marksmen in squads? Variety is the spice of life. Plus can we have acogs (restricted to marskmen? grunts?) There are also other variants of tryk uniforms and equipment in UCP.

From my understanding: Uniforms are up to the mission makers and can vary quite a lot depending on who is making the mission. Honestly, its a bit of a chore to change them and make sure they can carry what we use for our standard gear, so most people go with what we have already.

What scopes would you like to see added that are within the 1x limitation?

I asked about marksmen before and it comes down to the same reason we have to remind the M113/APC gunners to not just go in balls to the wall: Other people want to have fun and the best way is to keep the encounters flowing with everyone being used instead of just calling along your marksman to take out the target and then move on. Is it realistic? No. Does it spread out the gameplay? Yes.

Acogs have zoom and therefore are not allowed due to the community standard…that standard is based on how AI react to attacks from certain distances. I’ve seen videos of communities that use thermal scopes, high-zoom scopes, etc, and it honestly looks like easy mode.

Could be wrong, but that’s my take on it from what I’ve been told or discerned.

Mens use X1 and overly manly man use Iron sight. Period. :slight_smile:

I dont think marksman will ruin the gameplay in large scale ops when we would have about 30 players and more enemies,chypsa and highway is writing down a document for it…

I just don’t like the idea of sacrificing valuable assets or committing more assets to something that isn’t nessecary when I could do a fireteam’s job with an acog. Honestly if we all had them as backup scopes I’d like it. it’d be more realistic and we’d be more effective at long range, and then we could give AI more snipers, and marskmen to harass us and counter-snipe instead of going with our usual "fill the air full of lead until we run out of ammo and hope that they absorb some of it." tactic.

When our ranks swell I’d like more roles to open up, such as recon, (using lighter loadouts, optics and radios to call out enemy positons and watch the fireworks/support assaults) Tank crews, Gunships (yknow the destructive kind.) on standby so we can cut our losses from almost everyone to a few unlucky sods, without taking away from the challenge, just providing more options. We can ramp up the difficulty and use more deadly foes who are better armed if we are better armed as well. At the moment it’s like we’re restricted to a very conservative and rigid method of warfare where we just send in the infantry. I guess this is partly because of our low numbers, but is that not even more reason to use gadgets that can do the job of an army with the ammount of people in a single squad?

I understand why these sort of things would be a no-no. but I like using all the stuff available and It seems a shame to waste it. There’s barely any progression or variety to the kind of operations we take part in/ are prepared for.

As for other 1x scopes, there’s the C-more, Barska, and series of other red-dot sights.

I also call for more base mission templates with loadouts / refined mission templates and loadouts on each map. UCP US soldiers should use UCP RHS backpacks. There should be some templates where there are crates in which players can swap out certain underclothes/helmet variants (WITHIN REASON, ONLY MATCHING CAMOS) for added customization and individuality to help with identifying players at a glance. For example Price wears t-s so he can show off his guns along with that shemagh he always wears like some sort of comfort blanket. He also doesn’t tuck his pants into his boots, prefering the untucked variant. Maybe you could have (class based) lockers full of all the stuff that is legal to take and exchange to augment your class at will. This would make us personalized, easy to recognize, and is fun, but doesn’t make us look like a ragtag bunch of misfits in a penal battalion.

I understand that this would waste time, and make organization harder, but in my old unit we spawned with a base uniform and were responsible for our own gear. (with restrictions on scopes, supplies, grenades etc.) We had a shop system integrated into a mission maker a bit like MCC called VTS, which meant you couldn’t spend more than the ammount of requisition points you got by default, and could load your saved gear from the store each time, similar to how the arsenal works. Maybe make the option available for people who are grunts or above, who understand how the game works, and won’t delay or inconvenience anyone and can be trusted to get the right gear via arsenal or supply locker.

It is afterall kind of boring when you’re dead, playing dress up, using the go-kart track or using the firing range are activities that could be available to players who aren’t currently in the action. with a loud audio cue across the base sounding when re-insertion is in 10 minutes

(Speaking of UCP, it’s notoriously bad in real life)

Maybe some sort of reverse gun game where the mlg s get progressively worse optics, and the players who keep getting 360 noscoped by cheeky scrublord ai, get better optics.

(just throwing stuff at the wall. Much of the stuff I said is probably unrealistic, some of it might be ok.)

Anyway that was my thoughts. I like to get the most out of our mods, and yes I do have OCD and an addiction to arma 3 barbie dress-up.

In summary my wants and needs-

-Refined loadouts along with Extra Uniform choices in lockers depending on terrain for flavour and individuality, whilst maintaining uniformality/ Also RHS Eagle backpacks.

ACU/BDU ACU/BDU(rolled) or Tshirt. In UCP/OCP also MTP, MARPAT, AOR-1 and AOR-2 for mediterranean, autumn forests, sand and jungles respectively.

-x4 scopes available (maybe) ACOG/AN/Eclan/M series x6 scopes for marskmen only.

  • Extra 1x scope variants, m556/m68 CCQ, Barska, Larue, Aimpoint, Eotech etc.

-More classes. (Designated marksman, designated grenadier, EOD/Engineer, sniper team, recon team, AA team, tank crew)

-Enemy has more things we have to be trained to deal with: Snipers, mortars, IEDs, Heavy Armour, Fast Movers, Flares/Nightvision/Torches, Suspicious Civilians, Concealed weaponry, Arrests, Target Aprehension, Hostages, Fortifications, Guerilla tactics, Combined Arms, etc…

-More Dick Jokes

-Some way for effects/sound mods to work on our server clientside only.

-Playing as insurgents fighting against faction with superior resources, and when we are playing as a faction with superior resources, we actually have said resources at our disposal, but a more unpredictable enemy.

-Shit to do at base when you’re dead. Go-Cart track, Firing Range, Price’s Arma Dress Up Boutique (complete with klaxon when 10-5-1 minutes until re-insert)

So yeah… that’s my 2 cents.

Well, all of that sounds really neat and I’d gladly help you test it. Just let me know when you get something set up.

I dunno how exactly.

I have been working on a mission where we play as Russian-backed insurgents, just like those speculated to be in Ukraine, where the emphasis was on guerrilla tactics and scavenging enemy equipment after battles.

Well, from what I’ve been told in the past about suggestions the first, best thing you can do is set up a forum post about each one explaining What exactly you are proposing, Why it would be a good idea, How it would be tested and implemented, and When it could be (a time table for testing, basically).

Sometimes this can be a little hard to do if you aren’t sure exactly how something could be done, so the best resource there would be to talk to a scripter (I’d personally poke [user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/13586136/avatar/small.1479017342.jpeg” name=“Cody”]13586136[/user] about such things) or check out the forums. Alternatively, a good guess would probably be fine for an initial post, since you’d probably get replies saying "This would be best done like this" and that can progress everything.

This post will serve as the master HUB for talking about the desired feature and you can then get some feedback about why it might be a good idea and why it might not. When I suggested that we add a FT level medic, there were a ton of things I hadn’t thought about that people turned me on to. If the opinion of the people is to move ahead, then you know you have a solid idea that the playerbase will enjoy.

Next, and your estimated timetable for this should be included on the HUB post, you should begin some low-level testing starting with singleplayer on your own and then move on to small group testing (Probably off server via Hamachi or other VLAN system). Document EVERYTHING you can about the experience, all positives and negatives and little things like mission times and what not. Some things you can’t really test in this phase, but at least you can get an idea of what needs to happen to get it set up and what considerations the Mission Makers would have to take on in addition to other mission set up things.

Next move on to running a few mini-ops. Try and get as many folks on these missions as you can by announcing them ahead of time by like a week or so. The more people you get, the better you can simulate how it would work on an Operation. Take note of everything you can at this point: What the players are doing, how long set up for the mission takes for the players, if they had fun, and their feedback. Any little detail and every detail recorded in some way will help show that its a good idea or a bad idea.

Anyway, I hope this helps. If you need some ideas about how to go about some things, just let me know and I’ll take a look into it.

Price I must say you’re quite presumptuous with your "wants". A lot of demands for other people to do a lot of work to deliver something for you. A lot of new work, next to what we’re already doing. If you have questions, ideas, suggestions or problems you’d like to see implemented or resolved, contact your JrNCO. Do not post your demands on the forum in such blatant manner.

Short reply to your demands just to quickly repeat something we’ve discussed verbally and on forums multiple times.
[spoiler=]- Someone has to create those loadouts, provide you with optional wearables while still making sure all your standard gear can fit.

  • 1x scopes

  • Sniper team / marksman / recon team - having two grenadiers per squad can still be overpowered if employed properly. We have armoured vehicle crews when mission allows it, and as Obi explained, they still have to exhibit self restraint not to take all the kills.

  • We’re having troubles with AI in making them behave properly. We already have missions where we employ or react to: Mortars, Heavy Armour, Flares/NVG, Suspicious Civilians, Concealed weponry, Arrests, Hostages, Fortifications, Combined arms, etc.

  • Sound and visual effect mods are never "clientside only".

  • Again a lot of work with balancing the AI and equipment.

  • Someone has to build go cart track or even shooting range, and then that has to be squeezed in next to the base or somewhere on the map.[/spoiler]