UK Meet Up

Hello all seeing how I still have not attended any big meet ups for CNTO and some of our European friends have I though it might be nice for us Brits to do something.

My suggestion because of its central location and the event is the Nottingham Beer Festival.

Let me know if your up for it.

Here is a poll for the dates it is on.

Well guys I have booked the Friday and the Saturday off so just let me know what day your coming down on, hopefully we can all decide on one day looking like Saturday from the poll and then we can meet up at the festival and try some beers together.

Remember to just comment here if you plan on coming so I can then poke the relevant people nearer the time to remind you all.

Sounds like a blast. Just remember to remind us closer to the date!

I’m in!

Im also coming

Ohh nice cheers guys!!

So the meet up is next month guys, who is still coming???

Sorry for the delayed reply, I’m definitely still in!

I’ll try to get the night off work. Hope to see you all soon!

So me a Xerses had few beers together, cheers for coming down hope it weren’t to tame for ya but getting old.

Had a cracking time mate, shame everyone else missed out on you struggling with the naga viper chilli sauce :slight_smile: