U.S. possible Humvee replacement

The U.S. Army looking for possible Humvee replacement for the next war

Is that a damn Hunter? haha

Pretty much standard Croatian Army equipment. Looks familiar?

The british army is also getting a similar vehicle (i think it’s the jackal?) but there’s a big push for many western armies to equip for asymetrical warfare. No doubt this will end up biting us in the arse when we have ww3 with russia and/or china…

Such cheerfulness

Russians disagree.

[quote user_id=“1171274” avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/1171274/avatar/medium.1413819128.jpeg” name=“Abuk”]Russians disagree.

That’s a fuckin’ ifrit. Dammit, Arma.

They keep making these things, yet a ton of predictions for the ‘future of warfare’ places drones as the main fighting force for at least the US and allies. We’ll see, I guess.

i’ve actually tried google a humvee like vehicle that also can be used for launching drones and still be maneuverable. didn’t found anything interesting. is that even exist? or there’s no use for such vehicle.

My buddy did drone operation for a while in the military, and there isn’t an active service platform for a ground-based drone yet, but he said the air-based ones would launch out and have redundant control levels based around FOBs, so it would probably be something like that. He’s been doing contract work with some Defense contractors after, I’ll poke him and see if he can shed some light haha.

Yeah, most drones are operated from a central area, i think the us base is near las vagas, but that is generally for the predator style drone. Smaller drones can be operated from fobs but they just aren’t used as much as you might think. The smaller drones don’t generally have the battery life or carrying capacity to be combat useful.

The Link below shows you all the British armies vehicles they are very new and wont have any replacements for a very long time. I have a few of the Panthers in garage very cool bits of kit.


there are couple of mini drones that controlled within the battlefield out there, just often used by infantry themselves, and do not require being launched from a vehicle.