TvT - Saturaday Night Skirmish

Please leave feed back, stories or videos about the event here.

I enjoyed playing a bunch. The waiting if you died were not too long and i had fun just observing our guys. I’d be up for playing more.

But i didn’t come without its problems: There was a lot of trash-talking from other teams, not about us but still it was not very nice. Also i think the game mode was a bit weird. In the end it was just about killing the other team and not about the objective that was on the map. Playing the objective hurt us more than just staying away from it.

It was a very fun event. The missions were nice and interesting. The event controllers were professional and things worked.

I must say there was a bit to much unsporting behavior shown from some players (not CNTO) which I thought was really a problem. There was a lot of emphasis on being the best unit or player and sometimes not respecting other communities. Also some aggressive let outs on radios when some got frustrated by others on their team. That’s just not cricket.

I’d also love to see the different communties/units being mixed together in fireteams. Think that would make the communities feel more integrated.

Other than that I’d love to try it again. Next time we hopefully have even more people showing.

I like the way we went on our own business, I’m proud of you boys. Very professional, team oriented.

We’re a bit rusty but with few trainings will get there.

Missions were not my cup of favor and they should not belong to Arma. It was classic meeting engagement that ended in 1 v 1. Considering dead man could see everything, it brings some shadow on possible cheating through different channels. I’ve suggested removal but got some unsatisfactory explanation. Dachi was likely a victim of one such thing but ok.

Overall, let’s work from here, training and next time we go again.

I agree that it should be mentioned to the organisers that there was a bit of unsportsmanship behaviour at times. Although I do remember it being mentioned in the spectator channel once by the FNF guys. There was also a bit of a competative edge but I don’t think we can either agree or disagree with that, as that is what some people/communities want from this type of event.

The first two meeting engagements were ok but I preferred the third as there was more to it (we needed enterable buildings on the 2nd one). That may just be because we are rusty and tried to implemant our style of play as is into their setup, which isn’t the correct way to do things IMHO. For future I think that:

  • We keep separate teams so we have map markers
  • We keep teams on their own radio channel and Squad/Platoon on additional (we can start staying on whisper mode and communicate onvly via radio to get sue to it)

I would be more than happy to keep participating in these once a month. We need practice though. Mainly slow down, not move too far ahead too early (My FT was wiped trying to get to the castle) and work on comms.

Killer had the patience of saint, and we didn’t. We need to learn from that.

I enjoyed it hope you guys did too and look forward to the next one. The more of our guys we can get involved the better!

I think the event went pretty well in general. Nothing comes to mind that hasn’t already been mentioned (potential for ghosting, weird missions) I didn’t even really notice a problem with lag, which I would have expected playing on an American server. Only thing that really bothered me was difficulty in communicating with our non-CNTO teammates, especially annoying when they’re in my fireteam.

As for feedback about our own performance:

A) Great job to everyone for our professionalism and maturity. It’s great to see that we didn’t get caught up in any trash talking, or fucking around with our microphones. Pure class, all the way.

B) We should do some drills about how to facilitate a comeback, when you’re outnumbered, and scattered. (Maybe Highway the Spider can run this training :P)

C) I’d definitely like to look into running DTAS (Dynamic Take and Secure) on our own server. It was good fun, and excellent practice. Maybe just leave it on for an hour before our regular ops, similar to how FNF did it.

D) 100% agree with Ozzie’s comment about taking it more slowly in the future. I feel like it’s much easier to attack than defend.

Highway was very lucky and was camping like a snake. I agree with you Ozzie, we should practice especially meeting engagements cos for fairness reasons they like to play symmetryc missions.

We should practice Flügelangriff (wing attack) where we basically deceive the enemy on true disposition of our forces by small force on entire line of contact while keeping the bulk of forces concentrated on one flank where numerical advantage would make a difference. That’s what happened in the urban mission, opposing side outnumbered the northern flank, eliminating the resistance and fixing our southern flank with a very small force. We were deceived even when numbers were close to 1:1. Unlike "who gets first there" type of missions these are slow enough to do a comeback.

There is definitely stuff to talk about.

It was good action, Im quite a sure will attend next one. Our numbers were good, maybe even the highest of all the teams.

On PvP or TvT actions can prepare some kind of PvPs trainings on public servers, where we could work like a fire team or teams against unorganized enemy as AI simply acts like AI but people do things differently, sometimes they try too hard and they rush sometimes they plan good or bad, so they are less predictable and react well on situation if they are not moving yet.

The granade launchers in city in the second mission was very effective… felt quite a bad about hiding myself in a bush like 10 minutes and after died by undirect GL shot.

The radios - they said that it is all preprepared and just "capslock" for fire team or squad and "T" for hight command will work, so I do not have idea [i]if some frequency changes was possible at all.

[/i]Just encountered one probably common problém with TFR - it has to be opened before the launch game - if I do opposite TFR does not work. If TS freezes - and I reopen TS during game TFR does not work - so game restart is needed to let it work again.