TvT - Multiple Choice

Please leave feedback on the mission, what you liked you didn’t like and share your stories or videos.

Here is a video I put together enjoy.


I was only there for the first round - I dont know how many rounds were played - when we were OPFOR. Our intial planning was good to establish positions overlooking the M113 after taking all the AT. However I felt we spent a little too much time clustered in a very small area and not being pro-active enough to take the fight to them. Eventually we were forced to assault them which they did not expect and using our glorious charge, we wiped them out in minutes. I like the idea of the mission however I feel that in such a big AO, with numbers of around 10-10 and a time limit of 30 minutes, we should restrict the AO to only a certain portion of the airfield. Otherwise the vast majority of time is spent in waiting for the opposite team to attack ( which they dont ) and then the last few minutes is a semi-organized assault/charge across the airfield. All in all, had fun. Apologies for leaving early again but I had an early start the next day.

Yeah, in my opinion the AO was good but time too short. Needed another 15-30 minutes because sending a team to the AT takes 5-6 minutes down there and then 15-20 minutes back up to the northern part of the field so you only have 5 minutes to make effective use of the AT, not a lot so we had to rush our ambush way earlier than i wanted towards the end of the second round.

Besides that i had great fun and hope to have more of this in the future!

Here’s my POV:

Round 1: - YouTube

Round 2: - YouTube

Round 3: - YouTube

Xander’s Last Stand. Aka. ‘Dude, where’s my Car?’ - - YouTube

I always have a great time on PvP and this event was no different. I liked that both sides were identical in terms of gear, aside from slightly different Camo (Even though that confusion did get me killed in Round 3.), and even though the airfield is a bit too large for 10v10, I quite enjoyed the tension of waiting for the opposition to make the first move, followed by the mad dash as the timer was running out.

I’m really hoping I can play one of these nights again, but with higher player counts on each side; it will be super interesting to put our skills to the test in a Platoon v Platoon scenario! (I’d have to book a Friday night off work though…)

Sorry for the late answer, I was out, in a business trip.

It was a nice event to us, maybe some details to be adjusted like the size of the area and the definition of the objectives.

Anyway, we hope to meet you again :slight_smile: