Turkey Coup: False Flag Operation?

It all seemed rather farcy, and has done nothing but strengthen Erdogan’s grip on turkey.

If the coup was to succeed it probably should have happened later, in the dead of the night, and arresting Erdogan would have been the first thing on the agenda.
He was in the air when it took place all too conveniently, and landed rather confidently at a military controlled airport.

From what I heard, at least some soldiers weren’t aware they were taking part in a coup. And now he cites democracy in justification of bringing back the death penalty to silence them based on the irrational cries of a sensationalized crowd.

The man makes a mockery of democracy, and will do anything to silence his political enemies, and make himself the vladimir putin of turkey.

Whether it was a false flag operation or not is up in the air. Still I think that for Erdogan to tread on possible coup would be too much of a gamble to take - It might actually succeed even if not intended. Turkey has a history of having military coups pretty much every decade making it almost the normality. It is not too far fetched to believe that a coup with so little military involvment and support could succeed due to historical precedent. I think it is opportunism in Erdogans part. Erdogan having an excuse to cash in his list of enemies and having an excuse to deal with them with countries support. There are times in life that people are lucky beyond belief. Still it might be my naiveity.

Most horrific part of it was how civillians butchered the soldiers involved in the coup. To think that a country with such actions wants to be EU member.

The amateurism of the coup conspirators, and the oppertunity it awarded erdogan personally makes me think there is no other possibility. For him it’s a carte blanche to do whatever he wants and purge all political enemies from his pre-prepared shit-list. Anyone too slow to pick up on that popped their head up as an ememy. He can continue to reform the secular democratic turkey into an islamic police state unmolested, in the name of democracy. I wish that more people could see the big picture. We need more military analysts. Maybe the CIA, they’re pretty used to staging coups in other countries so they can pretty easily tell you if this was an elaborate bloody facade…

When we look at events like this how they turned out seems inevitable, often because the narrative we are shown is after the event and shaped by the victors. The losers in history appear incompetent and ridiculous but things were often closer than they seemed. I think we also like to attribute failure in "big events" to grand conspiracies and forget that those guys involved in planning coups and wars are just ordinary guys like you, me and the people we know. They fuck up just like the little people. What I am saying is bad luck stopped this coup not just stupidity nor was it a "false-flag" operation. They missed storming the President’s hotel by minutes. They then got fooled into thinking his plane was a normal passenger plane and didn’t shoot it down when the had planes right on his tail. They then didn’t capture all of the TV stations and didn’t manage to completely shut down the internet services being used by to organise against them. It failed because of bad luck and a few cock-ups.

It also failed because only a tiny fraction of Turkey’s Air Force were a part of the coup. 5000 men vs. the rest of Erdogan’s 600.000 men strong army. They stood absolutely no chance

I’m still gonna don my tin foil hat on this one, I think the scheming nature of turkey’s government is grossly underestimated. There are wild accusations flying from turkey to even the US, in my oppinion a distraction and excuse to hold onto 50 american nuclear bombs at Incirlik airbase hostage. Erodgan is determined to be the "Strong Man Turkey Needs"

Hello, I’ve just applied to your clan and I decided to check out the forums and stumbled upon this. I’m going to share some insights since I’m a Turkish citizen, maybe you’ll want to hear them.

1-Turkey is the land of conspiracies, we had in our history, countless paramilitary ultra-right wing groups, government hitmen, Counter-Guerilla organizations and and countless coups and coup attempts, hundreds of assassinations and scandals etc. so we talk about thousands of conspiracies everyday among each other and it has come to a rate that we make fun of it daily. To Turks, everything is a conspiracy since "We are a mighty warrior race from the steppes of Asia no-one can stop us" and all that jazz.
2-This by all means not a false flag op, AKP won the majority in the last early elections and they got everybody in Turkey by their balls, the system here in Turkey is very similiar to Russia. Same oligarchy. They do not have the need to tighten their grip or anything. %40 percent support them outright, they can rig elections anytime they like -as I said hundreds of scandals and proofs but this is Turkey- rest of the country never get organized or vote on the same party or rebel in a strong fashion.
3-As I said they gain nothing by this coup attempt at all they already have what they want and they can have anything they want in the future. They never push too far because people are always protesting and there is always a possibility for a protest in scale of "Gezi protests" to happen again. Been there, done that.
4-Coup was out of the chain of command, and organized by a small section, yet if it were organized properly rest of the army would have followed, our army is strictly pro-ataturk and gave a coup threat to the government just back in 2009. Coup plot was foiled by an early intelligence and it had to start 8 hours earlier. Privates were unwilling to shoot at their own people -and I remind you only people that went outside were pro-erdoganists, and as I saw from the news and the shattered glasses of my windows -I live in Ankara- they were about half of what we were in the Gezi Protests. It’s not as if the whole people went out to try to stop it, just them. Most of my friends were crying of happiness when they heard the news. Yet all we had were gunfight sounds and bombings and a lousy shattered windows and such.
5-As I said, coup plotters failed to properly seize the communication buildings in Turkey since it began too early and hastly thus disorganizedly. This made Erdogan able to rally his supporters.
6-They failed to shoot down his plane because of the air traffic and the plane showed and identified itself as a civilian plane. Pilots did not want to risk shooting down a civilian jet.
7-Our Spec Ops troops failed to kill Erdogan in Marmaris, he got away just by 5 minutes, they killed everybody else in the hotel. Those are some hardcore guys, they won a competition against Delta Force years back. Very educated usually speaks Russian, Turkish, English and Arabic and Kurdish for operations in the east and incursions in Iraq. Erdogan was lucky
8-Our government members have the IQ of a shoe size and our intelligence agency is crippled by constant changes and assignments by Erdogan, they lost their capability and effectiveness, even their secret voice tapes are recored and seized to public by hackers which they talked about making a false flag op in Syria, tomb of Suleiman Shah -our territory- things like that. They are ineffective and crippled they learned about the coup just hours ago. They are not capable of anything basically. Shame I know, there were might counter-guerilla guys back in the early 90s and 2000s. But now they are all pro-Erdogan guys who has no means to run an intelligence agency.
9-Finally it’s good that after the coup whole country is cleansing itself from FETÖ, basically an organization about 30 40 years old maybe run by Fetullah Gülen a so called Islamic Cleric it’s more of an intelligence agency than an islamist organization, muslim thing is just symbolical as you may expect. They get their guys anywhere they run schools organizations, they give their students all answers to any government exams. Very dangerous guys, much more dangerous than Erdogan believe me on that. Even he was incapable to stop him and they were getting along very well they fall apart just 3-4 years ago.
10-If the coup have happened Fetullah would return to Turkey as Khumeyni returned to Iran, and then no one would be able to cleanse these guys.
11-Fetullah is a cunning guy unlike Erdogan, He’s more like Putin. He is very smart, runs organizations throughout all the globe, he has schools in every country. Imagine that threat. It’s huge. Even Erdogans very close assistants were from FETÖ.
12-Basically it’s good that this coup has failed, a hateful guy like Erdogan can deal with FETÖ and for the rest of the country and our near future, we are in deep shit as we always were. Erdogan is struggling to keep the power. These are not his times of victory, these are the signals of his reign coming to an end.

Hope that would be helpful. And as I said these are all insights from a guy who’s into politics of Turkey. And if the army really wanted to make a coup, and I believe we are true professionals on that. Anybody who went outside would be shot in insant -we did that a lot of times before.- FETÖ supporter leuitenants and commanders mobilized their troops and send them to the streets as part of a drill. Most of the soldiers did not even shoot a single bullet. And so that is that.

Lastly, please check out my application form I want to play with you guys!

Very insightful. Across the somewhat democractic world politics is such a pissing contest, I’m often so caught up in my own country’s political short-commings that I don’t appreciate how "good" I have it. It’s still shit, and the right have their method of keeping in control (A whole bunch of competing left parties as vote sponges, sensationalized news about their discord etc). But then I look at turkey, or even russia and how solid their leadership’s grip on their country is, and I’m thankful there’s at least a chance of leadership change.

Look forward to playing with you.