Trouble in Terrorist town

We had so much fun playing Trouble in Terrorist town and ARMA 3 gungame tonight. So lets have another one of these nights going ? I believe we played since about 20:00 till 03:00 and we couldnt stop laughing.
So who is up for some TTT soon ? Will make an event if we got enough people participating.

Edit : Improved the server with some new Traitor and detective things. Also updated the loot table to include CSS guns.

I would have joind if i knew about it. But next time :slight_smile:

I’m totally up for this!

It was really fun although I’m really bad at it. I need to practice my lying skills.
We should totally play Prop Hunt, Murder, Death Run, etc.

I liked this part the most:


Could we do it tonight ?

Whenever we have atleast 7 people we can play. I’ll turn on the server if im around then :slight_smile:

And when we have 40+ people, we can do TTT in ARMA:


I am a maze ;D