Training Template on new maps

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I will upload a couple more in this thread when finished I know you busy, so trust me I haven’t ruined your template :-d but still if you have the time to check them let me know if I messed up somewhere.


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Please see links below.




Aww yiss fallujah :smiley:

It´s Fullujah

Hello all,

Remember to jump on these new maps when you get a chance and let me know if there is anything wrong with them or you have any suggestions for them.


[justify]Could you reupload FATA and the other one within the same post. I deleted it by accident as it looked like a double post to my sleep deprived eyes. :oops:[/justify]

[justify]Feedback to the other four files:


I’m not sure if copy-pasting the entire training facility is necessary for each map. It’s doable, but if one really wants to use the facility they could always load Altis or Chernarus (Summer). For example I left it out of the Kunduz version of the training map currently on the server.

If the map offers an airfield I’d recommend to add an A-10 Warthog to the map so one can fly around a bit if so inclined. If you decide to not delete the training facility you’ll have to test if the A-10 can still lift off without crashing into the base as it is currently placed on runway.

The Intel name of the mission is missing, it should be "Training - 36p - US Army UCP - v1" or "Training - 36p - US Army OCP - v1" respectively.


Identical feedback to Stratis.


Identical feedback to Stratis.


Identical feedback to Stratis. However I do like that you adapted the base in this map and cut out parts to improve FPS.

Overall impression:

I like that you put attention to detail such as always making sure to use the correct camoflage for all troops and vehicles and double checking that the base structures don’t implode by touching vanilla structures etc. I also like the added loading screen picture and I’ll yank it for v2 of the template. :wink:

Please update your mission files to incorporate the feedback and reupload them in this thread, I’ll upload them to the server afterwards.[/justify]

Hey Clarke,

Thanks for taking the time to look over them I will adjust them accordingly and think I will play around with the base layout for all of them.

Yeah the loading picture was the work of Tiloup :slight_smile: as I asked him for a few pictures to also use on the in game billboards and whitesboards that you will see in FATA and Thrisk.


They have all been updated and the Fata and Thirsk I added to my original post. [user avatar=“” name=“Unknown User”]0[/user]

Uploaded all maps,