Training - CQB 3

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Thank you Berenton for the training. It was very good. I did like that we had some targets houses in the city so we did know where to go, and two guys were not an AIs what made it more realistic. It was well prepared.

The first part was greate and Flo lead very good, I did always new what direction we go and felt somehow safe.
From the entering the channel it was bad as there is no hard cover and if enemy wait when nobody is looking he can peak and shot us and contrary he just can go prone after shooting and také cover like that, we could not "disappear" this way. The channel was very difficult. Maybe ppl went into the mod "get them" (which lowers the team tactic) as it got really intensive.
From leaving the channel we were too rushy and the channel was psychologicaly too much and lead to confusion, lack of attention and the team somehow fall apart, as there were too a lot of casualities.

  • If corner is not properly covered ppl die
  • I got 2-3x times overshoot even when I had MG, was shooting too much auto today in cases when one "sniper" shot was needed
  • It looks like enemy needed more than one shot to die (probably the change to 2x ace "injury" systém)
  • In most of cases I just got uncounscious (probably the 2x ace injury change) and did not die (but it was quicker to respawn instead of healing)
  • this training was fun, just maybe it was too long us it takes full readiness and attention all the time
  • Im sure that the 3 CQB trainings helped me to coop with team a lot + know now better what to do
  • The intensity of close direct communication helped me to pick some basic vocabulary we use in ops
  • It s good to check if the enemy is really dead or just unconscious and can wake up
  • In the channel maybe we could run on the second side as it would get us more cover that direction and double up away from there

Trainings are helpfull :thumb:

After trying these three urban combat events in a row I noticed an unexpectedly high entertainment value, partly because I feel more purpose with this than a regular op. It engages me more. To feel improvement and contribute to it. The simple practice of: making some kind movement, freezes, looks at ourselves, what are we doing, what can we improve, do it again, one more time, continue. I’m even considering whether or not I’d prefer a training every tuesday instead of an op. Maybe a training inspired by what we expect in the next friday op… or not.