Training - Basic Land Nav Training

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Very good training. I learned some things I didn’t know. It also really helped me realise to keep things clear and simple (as a leader) when using a map with no BFT/GPS. Not everyone has the same map skills, but everyone does have to find the same location or reach the same objective.

Also: Share maps when on the personal maps!

Training was good, both the theoretical and the practical parts.

The final test was too easy but also too long. Once you find a landmark and locate it on the map, using the map and compass to plot a straight line takes a few seconds, the rest is just holding W.

Some potential variations:

  • Take away the map or compass or both (naked in Chernarus like it’s 2012 all over again)
  • Keep the map and compass, but create ‘no-go’ zones, for example by spawning static enemies, so the players have to plot an elaborate course around those obstacles. This would be real cool but I’m not sure if it’s possible to make Arma AI not blast you from a mile away.
  • TREASURE HUNT! Place and mark rewards all over the map and make the teams compete to see who can yoink the most treasures in a set amount of time.

I’m glad to hear that you learned something. I learned a lot in the process of making this training.

You are right about sharing maps without BFT/GPS, It sounded like the copying map feature was not widely known, I too did not know this was a feature. But if I did know that you could copy people’s maps I feel that would make paper map ops so much easier. Hopefully, with the help of this training, we can raise everyone’s understanding of how the map and the compass work so we can make ops go much smoother.

Thank you for the feedback.

I’m glad you enjoyed the training.

After running the training for the first time with a group like this I definitely learned a lot, especially about the final test. I have heard a lot of feedback about it and I have a clear image in my mind of how to make it better. Hopefully, when I make the changes that I want it turns out better. I would appreciate it when the time comes that I implement the changes that you would join me in the training again so you can see how your feedback has affected the training.

Thank you for the feedback.