Total War Arena

Anyone had a look? I signed up for alpha access. It seems like total war, but where you only control 3 units and you coordinate with other players on your team. Sounds good to me on paper. Though I worry it might be a little… arcady, ability spammy or grind/pay to win. I already modded rome 2 to make the battles last hours and allow for complicated manouvers and flanking before everyone is dead, so I might not be used to it.

At any rate, even though it’s probably pay/grind to win I wondered if for any total war series fans/pros that’s the sort of team based gameplay you would enjoy. The maps look great and interesting. It reminds me of world of tanks/war thunder or leage of legends, but with 3 blocks of formations under your command instead of 1 tank/ hero/ plane

I’ve been playing it since the begining and I can tell you it is worth giving it a try! The units seem to be really balanced in my opinion and as you said, the maps are indeed great. And gotta love the fact you can upgrade each unit and customize it!

I do love customization. I’ll give it a go soon, Assuming we can all team up using teamspeak so we can wreck the scrubs

I know this is old, but I just received 2 Alpha keys, they will work in any country.
If any of you are interested, PM me and the first two guys will get one.

NOTE: The game is still in alpha, but as it was discussed already, it is stable and playable. Ask only for the key if you actually like this type of game.

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