Total ArmA 3 folder space?

After playing Arma for a long time, the amount of mods you’ve got start to add up. I was wondering how big everyone’s ArmA folder is as most of you have played the game a shit ton.

My ArmA 3 folder is 90 GB, try and beat that.

"Which maps and weapons mods?"


I don’t have too many mods on my drive for Arma, several 100GB of KSP mods tho.

Good enough
Jeeves has already beaten me, he has 1.1 TB worth of arma 3 files.
Holy fucking shit

400gb, including all the porn. :wink:

55 GB for me, I feel small now :open_mouth:

I go out of my way to delay out of date data. 38 GB for me.