To all you who doubted me!

So… today has been a big day… One of the biggest days in the interity of my life!

Today the jokes end! All you guys who have been saying "Oh no don’t let Anders drive" or "I don’t want to drive with Anders he will just hit a tree or something" today you sit down in the passenger seat and smile because I have got my freaking drivers license!!

I wanna thank all the people who believed in me till the end. It has been quite the journey and now I’m here. Ready to make the roads a dangerous place!

Look at dat sexy beast (The car too)

Oh god

They have unleashed the beast! Pray to thy god for the Leviathan now roams the planet!

Congrats btw


your instructor is maybe blind,but we are not! :stuck_out_tongue: congratulations :slight_smile:

Nice motor Anders congrats!!

Congrats ! Drive safe !

Well, now at least real-world drivers can share our dread, if nothing else comes of it.

RIP Denmark
Well done. =D

There’s a reason no-one wants to let a fresh-out-of-exam driver ACTUALLY drive something.

Congratulations Anders i knew you could do it.

Inb4 the car is stolen

Just don’t come to Croatia and it will be ok (ducks for cover).