Those Who Dare: Mission Outcome

Thanks to the efforts of CNTO, the mission was an outstanding success. The AA emplacements guarding the North Eastern part of the island was taken down and the encampment garrison, including some INTEL and equipment, was captured. The destruction of the train tracks to the north will severely cripple enemy resupply and reinforcement, especially now that we are blockading the Island; their only method of resupply now is Airdrops. The captured docks facility will serve our efforts well as a beachhead for the full retaking of the Island. As you read this, troops and equipment are being offloaded and a full FOB is being established.

While CNTO was handling the East, Task Force Viper took its men along the west. Details of the operation are still being reported, but the main success was in the destruction of the Artillery the Apluians were using against the whole of the Island (the same Art that threatened CNTO on the AA Island). Captured enemy soldiers, including one officer, have revealed a few details about enemy operations on the Island. According to INTEL gathered from these men, the Apluians arrested several civilians for suspicion of being rebels against them. Information about a hidden supply depot was also revealed, but both INTEL is now out of date following the enemy withdrawal from this part of the Island.

Great job, everyone. Next we deal with those SAM sites and then the rest of the Island.

Can we use the Obi credits on anything in the next mission ? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 10 of them. I want to buy my own personal ZSU with them. I don’t even care if it’s on an aircraft carrier, I just want to own it~… And accidentally drive it into the ocean, probably.

Sadly, the Obi-Credit was tied with the Apluian Yerp. After yesterday’s mission, the Yerp took a downward turn. 10 Obi credits can now purchase you 5 tracer rounds or a mediocre bottle of schnapps.

I take the schnapps

"We use schnapps to lure russian. Never fail."

Obi confirmed: I have not committed a war crime. The dismounts DID have an RPG on them, and were pulling it out. DOBBY IS FREE

Did we get any intel from the folks we captured?

A bit was stated above, but none that remains relevant to future missions. Had you guys gotten the first two objectives knocked out of the park quickly, any INTEL was going to point to two-three side objectives that would be up to SL to go after or not.