This is really EVE

A while ago I posted here that cool looking video.


Always loved CGI, and even more when it’s Space CGI, and this was a good piece.
And it was going well with audio coming from TS recording, from the biggest EVE online clans.

Here comes a little update.
Coming from the same audio recording from the same clans, I had a good laugh.


This sounds a lot more like the EVE I remember :smiley:

EDIT: reminds me of a fun fight I had once, watch the start of the video - Shadow Cartel vs Coalition Of Anti-Pirates - YouTube

Man, I could never last in a corporation with people like that. Just, no. Who willingly spends their time listening to people scream profanities?

Ah…Old time…Old time. The sound of screaming children makes me fill alive again.

Could you make that sound less like you might have got a life sentence?

Also, EVE was one of those games I really wanted to like but just never could. It never really felt like you could catch up to the people who had been playing longest simply because the system doesn’t really allow it. Unless they’ve changed the whole training thing.

I don’t think I’m quite autistic enough to enjoy eve. Especially with the costs in terms of money and time. And all those established people wielding ultimate power… It’s a grim parallel to reality.

A good economy can win or brake a game. A living economy can only win. And thats what I liked about the game the most.

Could you make that sound less like you might have got a life sentence?[/quote]
Was not what I meant with that but thank you for point it out. Its just the second video if you watched it thats kinda the experience I had with one of the guild I was part of when I played it back in the day. Unless you have mature players who is serious or like roleplay you don’t really get that experience from the first video.

Just gonna leave these here…

Don’t hit me Clarke (or Ryujin)


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