Headphone users be advised, c’est very loud.

Can’t watch it right now because I’m at work, but maybe we should keep the General Discussions forum less sexy because non-members can see it too. You might scare potential dick-joke lovers. :stuck_out_tongue:

had to hit that replay button… xD

Please do show a little more discretion with topic titles. It’s appropriate, yes, but also inappropriate, as there will be members that do not appreciate having ‘THERE IS BEAR CUM’ on their unread posts feed.

Well Im sorry if I hurt your feelings but I cant change it now. Why is general discussions even in the public area? Maybe we could have another one or move this one to the private area

The point of General Discussions being public is to force us to show some activity to the outside. Please keep the word/material culture. If you want to share some shady/erotic/gruesome etc stuff, please do it in private. We can have fun, but lets be mature when we act officialy or public.

Edit: Im not saying you cant post things like that one, but please title them accordingly and maybe warn it might be NSFW instead of going all capitals and including "CUM" in the title.

Roger doger