The worst thing in Arma

Getting green pixels on the screen and your game crashing, right after surviving a horrible CQB BMP attack, on a 1-life mission. God damnit.

It wasn’t 1 life tho :slight_smile: Dead played as rescue force, so you could still enjoy the game.

Well, I must have joined back when they left then. Nobody was responding on the radio. :frowning: Oh well.

At least I started playing other games again.

oh dear that sucks, a legitimate reason to ping zeus.

Sounds like a GPU memory error issue to me, could be overheating or to much of overclocking or just an old GPU dying a slow natural death.

It’s none of those, I thoroughly tested the hardware and it’s not happening in any other game. Also, it seems that I’m not alone with this happening in Arma, several other people reported the same thing on BI forums. Aside from the black screens, which happen to other people as well. Rarely, but they do. :frowning:

Crashes are difficult to investigate, causes can be so different and every system is different. Nevertheless, it is probably down to one driver , component or background process and usually forum posts suggestions only help if you have the exactly same issue. Same symptoms, but a lot of possible triggers, unfortunately. Sadly, there is no centralized list , where people would just simply give the symptoms , the cause and the solution. So you could simply scan through and decide for yourself if you have the same piece of software or equipment, if you want to try the fix or not. Google is tedious for this, every game should have a long troubleshooting FAQ on their official site/forum.
Arma has, for me, brought several problems to my attention, which were not appearing in any other games. The first time XMP was off in the BIOS, but even if suboptimal, it didn’t cause crashes in any application except Arma. Once switched on again, it probably got switched off by a wrong manipulation while i was tuning my OC settings, the problem was gone.The second time I had issues, was because of that dimming software F.lux , it works nicely for a lot of people, at my end it was creating issues with Arma, once uninstalled, all issues were gone.
Black screens often occur, when a process in the background wakes up, but usually in that case Arma gets back on top, or you are thrown back onto desktop and must get back into Arma manually, annoying, but harmless.
I also experience black screens with no recovery lately, where it seems like my system is still running,no freeze, just the video signal is brought down to a black screen. Arma seems to be able to create that video void state on the GPU end lately. It happened in Eden, never in an operation. All I could do is fast shutdown by holding the power switch, which tries to shutdown windows halfway properly and reboot. May be it would have recovered after >5 minutes, i didn’t have the patience yet , to try this. Plugin vid cable in and out didn’t help there. Ctrl-Alt-Del wasn’t resolving either. May be Arma may be an odd GPU driver version that month.
Another, newly appeaered issue, which is very low priority, is that arma wouldnt start properly from Arma3synch, if steam wasn’t launched upfront… Not a big deal, but when it does that, I have to kill the zombie arma process in the Task manager first. It might be that launch parameters have to be once again adapted, because launcher or battleeye,i don t know for now. May be re installing steam or arma would help, but I have no time for this on my schedule.

Good luck finding your solution Freghar…

PS: Typing on the tablet sucks… Bear with me for missing quotation marks and co.


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About recovering from black screen (same symptoms as Hellfire described): Alt+4 rarely works and not at all in ArmA, but alt+tab and windows+tab visibly opens the temporary UI, though no matter what window (ArmA or Desktop) you switch too, you screen remains black. You can open taskmanager, but you cannot see it, so it appears useless. It is not however. Previously I used CTRL+ALT+DEL to open the blue windows screen (which works) and ‘sign out’ and then cancel before completely signed out. This would start an automatic shutdown of programs. Canceling it would ussualy result in ArmA and a few other programs being shut down, and others like for eg. Steam halfway shutdown, which would need to be restarted to function. Screen would be restored as soon as ArmA has been killed.

Anyway, I’ve learned to use taskmanager in darkness: with windows+tab or alt+tab select desktop, open taskmanager CTRL+SHIFT+ESC, select taskmanager with windows+tab, while holding these buttons, look how long down the list ArmA3 is placed in the taskmanager (it is visible in the UI and usually the top-most program), release the buttons (you are now in darkness with taskmanager selected), arrow down (1 time if ArmA is first on the list), TAB 3 times and lastly hit space. Boom screen is restored and ArmA is shut down.
I’ve rarely seen a recovery by waiting, but not something I’d count on or wait for. The black screen is usually triggered by an alt+tab return to the game, and I’ve experienced that certain modsets can increase the risk of black screen by a lot. CNTO is ok. Another modset used by "Platoon of Danes" is so bad that I don’t alt+tab at all.

I think I got rid of the issue completely by enabling and using a big pagefile. So if you happen to have these issues, set it to a static value of ~8-16GB and that should get rid of the black screens. Even on a 64bit build. The Arma engine is full of weirdness.