The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

Our Dutch members might know it as ‘De Weerwolven van Wakkerdam’. :wink:

The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow, or simply ‘Werewolves’, is a card game commonly played with around 8-20 people. It is quite similar to the game Mafia, but more complex.

The players are divided into 2 factions, citizens and werewolves. Some players of those factions may have a special role in addition to being citizen or werewolf. The game consists of 2 main phases, day-time and night-time. During the day, everyone is awake (active) and can freely talk to each other. During night-time, only the werewolves are awake and the citizens are asleep.

The game is played as follows:
During night-time, the werewolves discuss with each other on who to devour that night. When the morning comes, that player will be eliminated from the game. The werewolves win when all citizens are eliminated.
Also during the night there will be a number of tasks that are carried out by the special roles, some happen before the werewolves pick their target and other happen after.
The morning comes and one unlucky player will find himself eliminated from the game, he is no longer allowed to interact with the other players, but will still see and hear what happens.
During the day, all players are awake and learn which player is devoured and what role he had.
All players then vote on another player whom they think is one of the werewolves, and that player will be burned to death at the end of the day, eliminating them from the game. Players must discuss with each other to find out who is a werewolf to minimize the risk of burning an innocent player. Werewolves must of course defend themselves by lying and deceit to not end up on the pyre. The citizens win when all werewolves have been eliminated from the game.
When night-time falls, the player with the most votes cast on him is burned and it is revealed which role that player had.
This continues to loop until either the citizens or werewolves win.

So the two main factions are:

  • Werewolves, wake up at night and devour one citizen. Act as citizens during the day.
  • Citizens, vote on one player during the day that they suspect might be one of the werewolves and burn that player.

There are a number of special roles that make the game more interesting when playing with large numbers:

  • Seer, the player with this role can each night select one other player, he will then learn wheter that player is a werewolf or not (the specific role is not revealed).
  • Witch, the witch has 2 single-use potions at her disposal. One potion of life and one potion of death. After the werewolves have picked their target, the witch wakes up and faces a choice. She can use the potion of life to revive the werewolves’ chosen target, to use the potion of death to kill another player, or to do nothing. Each potion can only be used once during the entire game, and only one can be used at one time.
  • Cupid, the player with this role selects two other players on the first night of the game. Those players are linked by a powerful love during the game. If any one of those players dies, the other dies of heartbreak. The two players then have a new goal: be the last players to be alive in the game (essentially creating a third faction). Cupid plays the remainder of the game as a normal citizen.
  • Mayor, during the first day there is a vote on which player becomes the mayor. When voting on which player to burn at the end of the day, the mayor’s vote counts double. When the mayor dies, he appoints another player that will become the next mayor.
  • Huntsman, when the player with this role dies, he can select another player to die with him.
  • White Werewolf, plays the game like a regular werewolf, but wakes up every other night to select one werewolf to kill, if desired. The goal of this role is to be the only player left.
  • Scapegoat, when the vote at the end of the day is tied, this player will be burned instead.
  • Healer, can each night select one player (also himself) to protect from the werewolves. But this can not be the same player twice in a row. This does not protect a player dying from heartbreak by Cupid’s love spell.

The last role is the game-master, this person comes up with the story, regulates the game flow, informs players what happened in the last game phase and notifies them when they have to perform a task.

Additional info:
(English, limited)
(Dutch, extensive)

This game is amazing and a lot of fun to be a part of.
My plan (if we have enough players), is to play the game through email, games played like this can last for many weeks.
Is anyone interested in playing?

I’ve heard of this and have always been interested.

This, indeed, peaked my interest!

Sounds like it could be cool!

I made a script for this on mIRC. You’re free to use it if you want. Its alot of fun !

I won’t be continuing this idea due to lack of interest in it. Sorry guys.

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